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HRH shall teach and hold the field.

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HRH shall teach and hold the field.

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Greetings and hear these words from Edmund, 93rd Prince of the Middle Kingdom:
In pursuit of the joy of combat and of variety upon the field I issue this challenge to myself and nobles in harness upon the armored field:

1) I shall take to the field at each event I attend to teach one of the advanced weapons forms: two-weapon, greatsword, polearm, spear, or sword and buckler. I will teach some basics for those new to the form and answer questions for those seeking to learn more.

2) I shall hold the field with that weapon against all comers, but especially against those who choose to match forms. Those who meet Me with matched weapons will receive a token to commemorate the deed. Those who meet Me in all forms over the course of the next year will receive a special token from Me at the end of our Royal Year.

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