You Never Know Where Your Path Will Go…

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At one of my early Pennsics I wandered out to the list field to watch a series of battles. Being fairly new to the SCA, I was interested in everything but understood very little of what was going on. The list had a large crowd, banners and cheering. It was everything you would want as a spectator.

However, what I saw left an impression on me that I remember to do this day.

A series of knights from the Middle Kingdom lined up against a series of knights from the East Kingdom. After what seemed like a flash of fireworks and explosions, the sides quickly reduced down only two. Duke Edmund, using a mace, was legged and facing the last eastern knight. Edmund held his position for a very long time, what felt like at least 45 minutes. Edmund has difficulties fighting from his knees, but he never left the discomfort falter his position.

When it was all said and done, the fight it didn’t go for the Midrealm. I wouldn’t have been any more impressed if it had.

For me our game is about the good fight. It’s not about losing or winning. It’s about putting yourself on the line, never giving up or backing down even when it would have been easy to do so. I was then, and still now, impressed by that fight.

A year or two later when I  was a lowly man-at-arms to Duke Edmund, a Knight in my household, Sir Cellach, took a commission to make new belted champion tabards. Of course no such undertaking should be taken alone. His Squire Sophie and I, as well as a number of others, over several weeks visited his house to help Sir Cellach with his undertaking as much as we could.

One of the things I greatly miss from my time as an unbelt is all the fun conversations. Day after day Sophie and I would sew and talk about… which virtues were best, who we thought the best fighters were, who did what in the last tournament, what armor is best, period battles…. All the things a couple fighters would talk about while sewing for hours on end.

In those days, Sophie and I would sometimes talk about what it would be like to be a Knight. I recall once I while sewing I had the thought, without speaking, I started to say “Do you think we’ll ever wear one of these tabards.” In reality, I stopped only a couple words in and changed the topic.

If I said it, she would have responded with something like “Maybe you should be able to beat me before thinking about that.”  We talked a lot of smack as squire brothers should. I stopped short, because sometimes, when you say your dreams out loud, they won’t come true. Some dreams are a little bigger than we can imagine yourself being.

Felice and Mike helping out

This year I was found worthy to take the field as a belted champion, wearing one of the tabards we made so long ago, completing a path I started so long ago.

It is a great honor to be part of this team, and take the field with so many exceptional Knights of our time.

I would like to thank his Majesty Edmund and Kateryn for the opportunity to be Their belted championship team.

Also, I would like to thank my brothers in the East Kingdom Chivalry for being not only furious but courteous on the field.

Congratulations to our Commander Count Alric for putting the team and plan together. Well Done!

While every knight on field showed an extreme level of prowess, I would like to praise those in my Unit.

Sir Iri was our line commander, he had some flash dictions to make, and made them well putting our unit in the right places at the right time.

Sir Cedric was our center pin, he stood up two guys at once while staying alive so the rest of us could focus on our targets.

Count Nickolai, who is not only legend from my home group, but also destroyed everything that moved.

It was an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you not only making the Dream real, but a part of my dream a reality.

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