Year One

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tirnewydd3In digging around doing research for a different project, I ran into some old writings of mine. They are from what was my MySpace page from year I started in the SCA. For those who do not know, MySpace was once an uglier version of Facebook or G+.  Only we didn’t know it was ugly at the time, since nothing better was out yet.

Within the internets past, I found the words from my very first event, Ceilidh XIX. I wasn’t even authorized to fight yet (that happened at Baron Wars a week later).

I showed up with my two boys, Thomas age 12, and David age 9 when site opened, at 9am.  I was very excited and didn’t want to miss anything. I recall sitting in something like a large barn for about an hour by ourselves until people we knew were due to arrive.

Before the SCA, I played a lot of online games. I had played Everquest nearly non-stop for 5 years. I played a few other things.  When WOW came out, I was plugged into it. One evening, during a rather fun PvP campaign at Terran Mill, I said in guild chat, “It would be really fun if you could do this in RL”.  Someone in my guild wrote back, “You sorta can, you should look up the SCA”.

More than that, I was looking for something to do with my boys. I had tried soccer, band and a lot of other things parents do. I didn’t like them…I was really bored. I wanted something we could do together, not watching them have fun while I listen to over-primped housewives tell me about who did what on their favorite TV show this week.

Ceilidh XIX was that trial run. Was this something we could do together? Here is what I had to say of the day, on MySpace.

“I would like to start by saying thank you to Anno who was nice enough to loan me a tunic, as I have not made garb yet. (I’m hoping to get some made in the next week or two.)

Fencing and heavy weapons went on nearly constantly throughout the day.  Which is what I’m into, thus spent most of my time watching it. There was a nice variety of tournaments.

King Edmund held the list at one point, I think he won nearly every fight. I was most impressed with his use of bastard sword. I had no idea you could parry so much with such a large weapon.

The Steal the Bacon tournament was a lot of fun to watch. I’ll be authorizing soon so I don’t miss out on all the fun at the next event.

My children Thomas age 12 and David age 9 came with me and both had a great time. 

David had a wonderful time with the “blocks” (small boxes painted grey) making a castle wall then knocking it down, playing games, and chasing around the little girls (or maybe they chased him?)

I guess there were classes and music sprinkled in, but I didn’t even think about those things until I was leaving so I didn’t get to see them, maybe next time.

tirnewydd2All of us had great time. What a great bunch of people. Looking forward to future events.”

It surprises me how foreshadowing this first event was for me personally.

What made the SCA something I wanted to keep coming back to was the people, the kindness and something that I could share with my children.

I thought then, as I do now, that the SCA is filled with the greatest bunch of people I’ve ever known.

What made your first event come to life?

The pictures featured in this entry, are not from Ceilidh XIX, saddly I have none. They are from my local fight practice within the same year.

The top picture is of, Dema one of the most fun people I’ve ever fought, Anne and Sergeant Cellach.

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