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Image7As the happy time of the year draws nigh and all thoughts and dreams turn to Pennsic, I find myself doing the most traditional activities of the season. I can see from watching my social media feeds that many of us are also celebrating this time of year in the same fashion, that is, staying up late into the night trying to finish that last piece of garb, or building a new shower.

If you’re taking a break from those last minute boot repairs or stitching the canvas of your pavilion back together, let me regale you with a tale from the book of great Pennsic tales of the past.

Pennsic is always good for a tale, but which shall it be?

Perhaps the year one of the Midrealm’s unbelted fighters went out to party and came home wearing the Princess of the East’s dress?

Or perhaps the tale of the young man who borrowed his parents car to take a young lady to get “ice cream”. He was so enthralled with her beauty that, when he got back, he had no recollection where he parked the car.

Maybe something with bacon in it? What great Pennsic tale doesn’t have that? How about the tale that echoed throughout the B blocks just last year?

The night started as it always does on any given cool Pennsic night. Drunks staggering home, couples in the fort, and security making the rounds. In the wee early hours of the morning, the security patrol called in a most unusual message, “Uh. Cart4 to Base. We haven’t been drinking….” <Pssssht>. “There’s a pig running though the B blocks, and there is a small dog following it.”

It seems that in the housing development near Pennsic, lives a Pig named Pokey. Her best friend in the world is a Pug named Jacque.  On the night before War Week, hearing the war revelry begun truly in earnest, together, they came up with a plan to break free of their confines and partake in nearby festivities.  Into the dawn hours of the morning, Jacque dug down behind a post in the wall of their pen.

Once he had the escape tunnel dug to the correct depth, he backed out of the seemingly blocked hole, and called in the muscle.  Pokey charged the post and knocked it down, along with the whole wall of their prison, and set them both free.

With their newly discovered freedom, Pokey ran straight into a nearby camp and flopped over to receive belly rubs from all her new friends. Unfortunately for Pokey, SCAdians know what to do with a loose pig. The laughs, calls for spears and free bacon panicked Pokey and she shot off, racing from camp to camp hoping to get clear of all those mad people stoking the fire and chanting “Pork!”

With a guilt-ridden and worried Jacque at her side, she ran to the only sensible location a Pig can run in Pennsic where there are no campers and it’s sure to be completely safe, the archery range.

By this time, security caught up to Pokey and Jacque. It was clear by Pokey’s behavior she wasn’t a feral boar.  A call was put out and her family found. Pokey was relieved to see them. Jacque was a little sad that the party was over. Pokey’s family immediately began construction on a new pen, this time made of chain link and concrete. And they all lived Happily Ever After.


Jacque and Pokey

You can see Pokey and Jacque the next time you take the path out to the Woods battle.

As they say, a Pig on the archery range is worth two in the B blocks.

Whatever happens this year, come find me. Let us share a beverage and trade the best stories during this most joyous time.

Merry Pennsic to each and every one!



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  1. Nyah MacPhee says:

    Pokey COMPLETELY wandered through Effervo last year at like 9AM. A bad time for free-range pork to enter any Pennsic camp!

  2. I am duly impressed by the restraint shown by the good gentles of B block.

    Einar – who is anxiously waiting to bend and oar from his beloved Ealdormere and see about settling the issue of these Debatable Lands once & for all.

  3. Erin says:

    I’m not sure that between the hours of 8 &9am can be called the wee early hours 😉 in the swamp maybe….. *grins* it was fun being on security shift when that call came in though. Certainly one of my more memorable shifts.

  4. Ailith says:

    I do miss Pennsic, but I don’t miss the heat, the dirt, and the mud. Not to mention that I have a very difficult time just getting around – my balance sucks among other physical issues.

    I love reading your blog, Geb. It gives me a window to look through so that I can see the things I love the most about the SCA. I hope that there’s many more posts in the future. I can hardly wait to read about this year’s Pennsic!

    Thank you so very much for sharing your view of our SCAdian world.

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