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23 May 2019 by gebhard, No Comments »

Several times in the past I have fought for Az in Crown. As the spring Crown approached, Az asked if she could for fight me. Why not? It’s certainly a core experience to the SCA, the very idea behind its creation. Why not participate in Crown Tournament? It’ll be fun.

She wrote her letter and sent it in and all the talk of how we wanted the day to go, outfits to make, people to get involved. All those other fun little things that make crown the special event that it is.

A small internal fear inside was planted, as the hour draws nearer the more it grows. I’m worried for Az. I don’t need her to win, fighting isn’t about winning, even in Crown. Az and I have always been of the mindset fighting is about the good fun fight. There is no shame in losing to a worthy opponent.

For those new to the blog, Master Azriel is a Master of Defense and while very formidable in her element and one of the best fencers in the known world, Crown is a new element.

This has all been very exciting for her. It’s giving her new challenges and the opportunity to learn new skills. Learning and mastering new things is part of what makes fighting fun and keeps it interesting.

While she very excited, I worry. I want her have good clean fights. No matter what the outcome is I hoped we have trained enough that each fight could go either way.

I want everyone watching to know she is a force to be reckoned with. She has worked hard and pushed outside of her comfort zone. I’m so very proud of her. She truly represents the warrior spirit and what is best about this game we play. …I’m worried, and the concern is growing.

Crown can be the very best of armored fighting but when people have something to prove it can bring out the worst.

Many of the fighters are much larger than her, even if they aren’t doing anything to deliberately cause harm it can be chaotic. I know this is the risk we all take, but it’s different when it’s me. When it’s you, you have some level of control, that control gives comfort. Even if it’s only an illusion.

When she enters the list, she doesn’t go alone. My hope, goes in with her. Whatever comes, I’ll be on the side, cheering. It doesn’t matter what happens in the list. To me she has already won by being bold enough to take the steps that lead her there.

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