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What does it take to make the perfect event? Does it need to offer that special class you’ve been waiting for? A tournament with a nifty prize, or a your favorite melee scenario?

On the long ride up to Baron Wars in the 30+ mile per hour winds, while downpouring cold rain, I had time to contemplate these ideas. Though Baron Wars has always been one of my favorite events, they have a tendency to be wet, even earning the event the name of “Baron Pours”.

Once we got to site, I parked what seemed like a mile away from the action because I didn’t want to risk getting the Fun Bus stuck in the mud. We decided to leave all of our day camp in the van, and got armored up outside in the rain. I got on my mild steel helm, which you could actually watch rust. Once I started in on pick up fights, marshaling authorization fights, fighting in a pool tournament (while standing in a pool of water) and I was still seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, it was easy to see this was going to be a great event.

I have always maintained that people in the SCA are the most industrious people I know. That description doesn’t really go far enough.

The Saturday of Baron Wars, all across the land, baseball games were cancelled, boy scout camping trips were called off and get-togethers were moved to other weekends, but not us. We get out there and do what we love, because it’s what we do. I’ve been to events in 110 degree heat and 98 percent humidity, On the other hand, I’ve taken off my helm and lost a layer of skin because it was so cold, my flesh stuck to my helm.

Every time, being surrounded by such awesome people doing what it is they love despite all else, it was easy to forget the harsh conditions.

In a world where people turn on the AC at 72 and the heat at 68 while living in super comfy, cushioned environments, we SCAdians are out there railing against Nature herself. I was so proud to be a part of the large crowd crammed into one of the few places left standing to hold court, standing room only, to watch Helena be elevated to the Order of the Pelican and my friend Krisztian be Knighted.

11705100_10101573920363154_1284991783070503337_oIt is my hope for all those who attended, that somewhere in the back of their minds, the next time life plays it’s cruel jokes, they will think to themselves,  “I just camped in a foot of water. I fought Knights, Counts and Dukes ankle deep in mud, in 60 mile per hour gusts of wind, in a constant downpour of cold rain.  What on earth do you think you’re going to do to me that I can’t take?” We stand up tall, straighten ourselves out and take the bull by the horns.

Beyond the amazing endurance and strength, I witnessed outstanding shows of generosity and consideration for others: fighters literally left a tournament in the middle of fighting to help rescue a pavilion that had blown down in gale force winds; people pushed each others stuck cars out of the field. Everyone was sharing hot food, drink, and clothing, and doing anything else they could to make the day a little more bearable to those around them.

And so I ask myself again, “What makes a perfect event?”  It’s any event we are at together.


Top Picture provided by: Rannvæig Ørraärmr Eskilskona (Photoshopped by me)
Lower Picture provide by: Marissa von Atzinger

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  1. Milesent Vibert says:

    Awwwwwwww <3

  2. Raven says:

    We written Geb!
    The family and I camped the whole weekend in that storm and had allot of time to contemplate what it means to do what we do in the SCA…..I came up with one reason.
    1: We participate in this hobby for the love of something …..whether it is armored combat, arts and sciences, services to others or just for the others…our friends. We do it all out of love.

    Thanks for being awesome and one of the many reasons I participate in the SCA!

  3. MElissa says:

    I was there Friday night and Saturday morning, and we were told the event was cancelled, and everyone was to go home. We left with the understanding that everything was cancelled.

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