The Passing of the Crown

7 May 2015 by gebhard, 1 Comment »

wayupAfter Coronation, I wanted to write about how inspiring Count Cadogan and Countess AnnMarie have been during their Reign, while also stating my excitement for the upcoming Reign of Their Royal Majesties Ragnvaldr and Arabella. This has had me torn: Does complementing one diminish the other?

Which work of Michelangelo is the greatest? David? The Sistine Chapel? The dome of St Peter’s Basilica? Maybe another?

Reigns are a bit like a work of art.  They are each unique, different and beautiful in their own way, and can enrich anyone who looks on.

I had the greatest belief in Cadogan and AnnMarie after Crown Tourney nearly a year ago. While I had no connection to their reign, other than that of a faithful servant of the crown, I looked on with pride.  I was repeatedly encouraged by their words and their deeds in all things but especially in the writing of a new page of history for our Kingdom and Society.  I felt an uncontrollable joy as they interacted with the youth of the kingdom.  They kept a constant Royal demeanor in all things and met every expectation of what Royalty should be.

I know the slow driving weariness that works its way into your body, mind and heart over the course of a year. They and their staff should have earned a well deserved rest, yet it is still sad when that moment comes. The release of the youth champion was especially touching.

And yet, years from now, many of us will say “I was there when Cadogan and AnnMarie selected the Premiers for a new peerage.”

I wish I had some great words for such times, but the best I can offer is a handshake and a hug that comes at the end of a job well done (and maybe a stiff drink).

Every sunset will be followed by a bright new sunrise. Ragnvaldr and Arabella’s predecessors were before my time in the SCA, but their descendants are off to an impressive start. They are a prime example of why you always want to attend Coronation. Anyone reading this will not want to miss a single court;  you never know what will happen.  (Like how a great office was “handed” off Or how Arabella made herself known)

This transition is a significant part of what’s exciting about what we do.  Maybe we aren’t the central characters in a reign, but we all have a part to play. A soldier, an artisan, or a humble servant, we each serve where we might, according to our knowledge and abilities. The story of a Reign is made with all of us.

In time, we’ll sit around a fire and tell a story that starts “…and I was there when Ragnvaldr and Arabella ….”  What will the end of this story be? We don’t yet know, but I for one, can’t wait to find out.


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  1. AnnMarie says:

    Thank you Gebhard for your kinds words. Each Reign is indeed unique. We are so glad We got to influence the Kingdom painting with our color and look forward to seeing the subtleties and broad strokes of the Reigns currently and yet to come.

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