The Country Knight and the City Master of Defense

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What happens when a recently made Knight and Master Of Defense load up and drive for 17 hours to an event? You would think not a lot. We couldn’t have much in common or we wouldn’t be in completely different orders?

Our weapons aren’t the same. The armor is completely different. The sides are different culturally. Worse, there is often a negative viewpoint each side views the other through “How good can they be they don’t: “fight with real swords” / “take a real hit”.”

The list of the things that could divide us is as long as your arm. Armored combat and Rapier fighting​ clearly are nothing alike, or are they?

My adventure begins many years ago in that perfect middle ground, Cut & Thrust, which I’ve always thought was the best of both worlds, armored and rapier.

During the reign of Cellach and Vukasin, while attending a Sunday practice in Cynnabar, I only had a long sword to do rapier. But I wanted to fight as many people as I could, and I wished to try out all my new authorizations.

Azriel came to do rapier with me. About one swing in, she saw how that was going to go. She took pity on me and suggested we play by Cut & Thrust rules.

So we did. She later described our sparring as “the most fun I had ever had doing Cut & Thrust” and this led to us doing Cut & Thrust together many times over the years.

Then, Azriel posted she was looking for a ride to Gulf Wars this year. We created a plan. I would help her get on the armored list so we could work together there, and I would in return follow her in the rapier melees.

A week before Gulf Wars, Azriel authorized in Spear at Winter War Maneuvers even though she only had time in her schedule for a two hour stop at the event. That proved she was committed to our crazy plan and everything was set into motion.

The seventeen hour van ride was filled with non-stop conversation on all the various topics you would expect fighters to have.

  • Can you teach the warrior spirit, or must you be born with it?
  • How do you deal with the guy that doesn’t take a hit? (Yes, that really is a thing on the rapier list.)
  • Is calibration growing out of control?
  • What is your tournament mindset?
  • Should there be female only tournaments?
  • Do you give points of honor?
  • What do you consider to be a point of honor?
  • If someone is new, when do you show them your A game?
  • What do you for the candidate that has skill, but lacks PLQ’s?
  • Or the candidate who is the greatest person ever, but isn’t so skilled?
  • How serious should you be as a Peer?
  • What virtues do you consider to be the most important?
  • How do define your role with dependents?

… And many more similar questions.

I would assume anyone listening wouldn’t know we came from different martial orders. The list of things we had in common seemed numerous, and things different, inconsequential.

I would like to encourage better communication between my brother Knights and our Cousins the MODs. We have the same struggles and fight with the same spirit.

We should be able to seek each other for guidance, new ideas and commiseration with whatever it is we face. The battles we face are often the same.


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