Tactical Youth Combat

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Image5Tactical Youth Combat and Mixed Adult-Youth Melees

If you know a youth who enjoys padded weapon combat, or if you are an adult who would enjoy fighting with padded weapons and young people, come to North Oaken War Maneuvers.

Big ideas are brewing to make SCA combat more fun, more inclusive and accessible to all. Plus, we’ll teach melee tactics in a easy to learn setting.

The Big Idea

Put padded combat next to rattan combat and run the same scenarios on both fields. Youth fight on the padded combat field, and adults can swap lists as desired.

Include special training talks (and cookies) between rounds or when the Adult list has combat archery or when participants are tired.

How this idea will be implemented

This idea is for people Division 2 and up (age 10 and older) to fight together as a team and to learn melee tactics. There can be exceptions to the age limit. This just a guideline, not a hard fast rule.

There will be a small list next to the primary list. This will be the padded weapon list.

Those participating in padded weapon combat will run whatever scenario the rattan list is running at the same time.

The major exception to this will be when combat archery / siege is active. In those windows, padded combat will break for combat tactics and drills or cookies: could go either way.

My hope is to be able to Authorize adults in our new auth type “Youth Sparring”.  This will allow them to switch lists at any point. Sparring authorized fighters can play with the kids once or twice, then spend the rest of day on the adult list, or fight rattan first, then come have fun with the kids.

Further, during the combat training sections of the day, anyone, especially those in Red Company, are encouraged to come teach melee tactics.

I would like to ask all adults to make the youth feel welcome.  I would like all combatants (youth and adult) to hear the same words of encouragement from commanders, drink from the same cooler, eat the same pickles, give fist bumps and share the same stores.

Who doesn’t want feel accepted and like they are part of something bigger than themselves?

Come make SCA Armored Combat MORE fun than ever!

Picture provided by: Arianna of Wynthrope

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