Sunset of the Brightest Day

3 May 2014 by gebhard, 4 Comments »

10264054_10203480529989558_704483222811192405_oWhen I started this blog, my goal was to share all the funny anecdotal tales that I was sure would come in by the droves during the reign. It was going to be smart and witty, and a little ball of joy in all my readers’ day. Sorta of like cat photo’s, or those what “color outfit from a villain on buffy are you” tests. Instead, as I found my footing, something very different happened.

They say to be a writer, you do not write because you want to but because the words are inside and need to get out. What came out when I sat down to the keyboard, was all the wonderful things, places and people I saw in my travels and all the lessons I learned along the way.

Out of 50 weekends during the reign, I’ve been at an event 39 of them. 18 in a row during the longest stretch.

I’ll be honest, it’s taken its toll. I get the van unloaded and everything washed Wednesday or Thursday, just in time to put it all back and start again. I’m in for a long drive, longer than I like being in a car. I’ll eat something in the name of convenience I probably shouldn’t, and my waistline is showing it. I’m going to a distant edge of the kingdom, where I’m going to carry heavy stuff around. I’m tired, so very tired. We drive hard, run harder, and I never have enough sleep.

Yet, I get to site and see all the people I haven’t seen in what seems like in forever (even though it’s only been a couple weeks). They give me a hug. I like hugs.  They tell me what amazing thing they have been working on. I get to do something awesome like: Fight, Play music, or make something. I never really know how things will go, but I know it’s going to be good. During court, I play games with overly energetic children, then eat a meal fit for a King.

In the van on the way home, I get to hear about all the awards that were given out, and we retell our day.  What an amazing day it has been.

Working a reign is hard work. It’s been expensive. It’s always been worth it. I’ve seen unspeakable bravery, frustration, pain, joy, dedication, loyalty and kindness I beyond my words to describe…and I’ve been trying.

I’ve seen this Kingdom from the Inner seas to the Hills of Dragonsmark. I’ve done things I never dreamed I would be able to. I’ve seen amazing places I never knew existed.  I’ve made more friends than I ever thought I could have.

It was all the people, the smiles, and the laughs that flashed through my head as His Majesty held the crown over the Prince’s head, for what to most I’m sure was only a second. But for me, it was an eternity, suspended in space.  One moment I was the “Royal Carrier of Heavy Things”  and the next no longer.

Shortly after Cellach won crown, I bumped into Sir Alric at the grocery store. He said “How many times do you think Cellach will win crown? 2? 3? Let’s say it’s 7.  That’s not a very big number. Why not try to make it the best year for them as you can.” I hope now, at the end, that this has been the best year for my friends.

What will happen to all Their ideas and dreams? Building people up and making opportunities for them shine? What will happen to the music, the bards, the youth program? Like seeds in the wind on a warm day, they have been scattered on the breeze. Will they take root and grow? Or will they fall away and be forgotten? I know not.

What happens to the runner after the baton is past, and a new energetic person darts off into a new dawn? I suppose we will slowly fade into the background.

Can we go back to who we were before all this began? It seems impossible. When you see the magic behind the curtain you’ll never be the same. I’ve seen a lot of magic.

I can’t say what lays ahead, I only know one thing for certain, the steps I take I won’t be alone.

Thank you.



This is my last act as the Royal Carrier of Heavy Things, for the reign of Cellach and Vukasin. A.S. 48-49.


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  1. Zac says:

    There’s dust in my eye. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I doubt you remember me, but I met you at Blackstone a couple of weekends ago. I was the guy that gushed about how much I love your blog, and binge read it. My eyes were opened by a lot of things you wrote. Lots of things, I could really relate to. Others are experiences I live vicariously through you, because I know I will never have them. This post..this one really got me, and really helped remind me why I came back to this, why I do this. My Sempai was the one that got me out of retirement, it was my lady who brought me back to the Society, but these posts serve to remind me why I ever got involved in the first place back in the late 90’s.

    Simply put Gebhard, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your words, your experiences, and a brief glimpse into what makes a reign successful. I hope there’s more to come.


  2. Maggie MacKeith says:


    I am so thrilled that I met you and Katayoun this last year. I love reading your blog and seeing you both at events, although there is never enough time to visit.

    Now that you can go back to carrying heavy things for yourself and your lady, instead of the kingdom, I hope to see you at events still and be able to actually sit and talk and laugh.

    Thank you for your blog. It has been a gift to so many.

  3. Milesent says:

    You can’t ever go back, and it’s sad. Though when you meet new people who are excited and wide-eyed it’ll re-awaken that spark that once was in you and you’ll remember what it was like to not know.

    Also, you’ll probably not realize how burned out you are until you’re halfway through the recovery 😉 so often we don’t know how heavy the burden was till we set it down. Take care of you.


  4. Zygmunt says:

    It’s true that there is some innocence lost once you get to see all the wires and pulleys behind the set. But for me, I constantly got recharged watching the impact our awards in our “game” has on people. In one sense, none of it was real. But watching all the good it did, in one sense, it may have been the only real thing in their lives. Totally worth all the reigns we served. It got me through a lot of lonely-late-night-throne-toting-in-snowstorms.
    Plus, I got better at delegating. 😉

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