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13 Jan 2014 by gebhard, 3 Comments »

At the last event, Their Majesties saw it fit to make my lovely wife and myself Court Barons.

I never saw this coming.  Not only did I not see this coming, it was something I never thought about happening. When Their Majesties called Katayoun and myself forward, I was actually expecting them to give Katayoun some sort of an award.

We have received many heart touching comments (and later messages) about our dedication and hard work. We are very humbled by the what everyone has had to say. Thank you seems inadequate, I’m not sure what else to say. Part of why the SCA is such a great place is all the amazing people like you.

After the music stopped, we helped clean up site, and joined our friends for a small afterparty. We talked long.  With hugs and goodbyes, we went home. I was sitting on the end of my bed, warm cup of coffee in my hands, barely able to keep my eyes open. 1:30 says the clock. Katayoun sitting in her comfy chair, looks over to me  and says the question that has been rattling around in my head since the moment after court.

“Do you think we really deserve this?”

I’m about to give out a spoiler here, Their Majesties alone decide who is worthy of an award. That fact, doesn’t keep all the thoughts from bouncing around in my head.

Before Cellach won crown, I did youth activities, I played music, I was part of the Dragon Army. After He won, I still did the same things. Except, it is His Majesties point of view that it is His job to make opportunities for people.  I have been given many opportunities to do the things I love. He has honored me by allowing me to have youth activities during His courts, and to play music before and sometimes during court, and to fight among the Royal Peers on he battle field in the Princess’s guard. I still do all the things I do, maybe on a little grander scale for now. Doing what you love is hardly cause for an award.

Supporting the reign is new. A few days after Cellach won Crown, I bumped into Sir Alric at the grocery store. I have received a lot of advice up to this point but Sir Alric has a way of saying very complicated things quite succinctly. He had this to say, “How many times do you think Cellach will win crown? 2? 3? Let’s say it’s 7. That’s still not a very large number. This is a rare and special time, why not try to make it the best year that you can?”

That has been my goal. Their Majesties were friends of mine before Cellach won, and I hope they will be long after. It is, and has been, my goal to do anything I can to make this the best year in the SCA for them.

While this may make me a good squire, household member, friend, or person, does it make me anything else?

In way I’m glad that awards are given to us by the King & Queen rather than ourselves.

“Do you think we really deserve this?”

To answer my darling wife,  I had this to say.

“I don’t know.”

…long pause…

“What I do know is that our status has been forever changed. From now on we will be seen as ‘those with coronets’. When the feast hall is being cleaned up, if ‘those with coronets’ do not help, it’s noticed. If someone says something rude with a coronet, it will be remembered. We must from now going forward be even more diligent, be even more welcoming, more friendly, better listeners, and kinder in our words. For better or worse, we are now an example. Our behavior will be noticed, we now represent ‘those with coronets’ if we wanted to or not. I don’t much like the idea of letting down all those we have come to respect to so very much.”





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  1. Caelia Blackwolf says:

    This. Exactly this.
    I can not agree with this sentiment more. From the words you received from Sir Alric to the assessment of the “those with coronets” game-changer.
    I was recently made a Court Baroness in the East by the hands of Kenric and Avelina. I have been to three events since receiving my coronet, and I know those pearls on my head have taken my mindset to a new level. I definitely feel like I need to be more mindful of how I present myself, and of how I am perceived.

  2. Caitriona says:

    I completely agree. I’m both a Royal Peer and a Pelican. That last paragraph is my vigil speech in a nutshell. While you don’t feel changed, how people view you has changed forever. One hopes it does not actually change how one behaves in that one hopes a Peer would behave well in any case. But it does remind us to be even more aware about how what we do is perceived.

  3. Jim Davis/Jared Blaydeaux says:

    What hit me, the day I received the coronet, was the cheers of the crowd bouncing off the surrounding hills, and thinking “Jeez, how do I follow -this- act?” Even my former spouse stood to offer support for my character and good standing.

    I’ve been in the SCA since AS VII, my membership number still has only 4 digits, and I never expected this.

    I haven’t been active since moving to Kentucky, but my wife and I are anxious to get at least sort of active. I have some mobility difficulties these days, but I can still court or field herald, if you don’t mind the wheelchair, and my book heraldry skills haven’t failed me.

    It’s funny — the ex-wife got the Pelican, and envies my Coronet. Imagine that.

    You’re too right about the “those with coronets” remark. People look at you differently.

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