Shadowed Stars

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10394063_10206884264815138_8320285307939489095_nThis weekend I watched history being made as the Shire of Shadowed Stars became the Barony of Shadowed Stars, the 20th Barony in the Middle Kingdom, and Fergus and Maggie became the first Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars.

How does a local group benefit from becoming a Barony?

The smallest group in the SCA is known as a Shire or Canton. As the population of active members grows to forty or more, that group has the option of starting the long process of becoming a Barony.

The most notable difference between a Shire and a Barony is that the Barony will be led by a noble couple who swears an oath to the Crown and acts as the Crown’s voice within a given location. They are bound to loyally uphold and enforce the laws of the Crown and to give wise counsel to the King and Queen.

What role do a Baron and Baroness play?

11059499_10206255253758025_8972977452516979849_oOne invested, a Baron and Baroness are more than figureheads.  They work hard every day, dedicated to making the SCA a place people want to be every day of the week. I still maintain the opinion it is the hardest position to hold in the SCA.  I’ve a different article (Legacy), if you would like to learn more about what goes into the position.

One of the great tasks set before them is to encourage and highlight local talent to the entire Kingdom.  There are many ways this can be done, but the taking of champions is the most visible.

What’s a Baronial Champion?

Being chosen as a Baronial Champion is a great honor. A Baron and Baroness show great faith in someone, and this a wonderful opportunity for those willing to seize it. There is a tradition of Baronial Champions challenging one another to a competition then bringing a good report of their opponent’s actions to that person’s Baron and Baroness. All of those willing to participate are worthy, and their word fame should be shared.  By participating, one has an opportunity to win great renown for their noble patrons, whether through honorable competition, brilliant works of art or outstanding service.

What role do I play in my Barony?

It is the duty of Baron and Baroness to lead, to encourage and to create opportunities for the subjects of Their Barony.  It is our duty to look out for those who advocate for us. For example, the Baron or Baroness should never be found carrying their own thrones, armor or anything of significant weight.  This is not 11245786_10206866779337579_8905652862088030927_nbecause they are “too good” to carry their own things. Helping our local royalty is about our respect for them and everything they do.  If some of us can not carry things, fear not, for there are many ways to help.  It is good to ask from time to time. “How may I be of service Your Excellency?”

Also, we should be mindful of how we interact with our local Royalty, for that is how all outside our Barony will interact with them. It is proper to bow when approaching or leaving and to refer to them by Their title or address “Your Excellency”. This article (The Game We Play) may help explain a little more.

And so it is that I pondered all these things as I sat in Court happy for my friends Fergus and Maggie and for Shadowed Stars and all that lies ahead. Sadly, in my haste to attend the event, I left things behind. I had a small gift box. If I had it to present, this is what it would have contained:

Roses that pale in comparison to the beauty and radiance of the new Baroness; Chocolate for those days when a small break and a little comfort are needed; and a bottle of good Scotch. A wee nip can ease the pain of a hard fought battle, can help make time to share a story with a friend, or can be raised in remembrance a friend lost. When the last draught is taken from the bottle, it will be in celebration of long reign well done.


Top Picture taken and Photoshopped by: Daniel Hernandez
Middle Picture taken by: Hadley of Sternfeld
Bottom Picture taken by: Richard Pierson

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  1. Maggie MacKeith says:

    Thank you, my friend. Seeing you there with us was one of many joys that day.

    Thank you for your words, your friendship and your support.

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