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If you would like your blog listed here, please contact Gebhard. I’ll likely remove blogs that haven’t updated at least once every six months.

Blogs on SCA Life

Zsof’s Blog Rules on being a Peer: http://zsof.livejournal.com/

Ceara writes about her journey as a protege:  http://protegelife.wordpress.com/

Blogs on Fighting

Duke Dag’s new fighters blog: http://dagsheim.com/

Duke Marc de Arundel web site on bastard sword technique in the SCA: http://www.scabastardsword.com/

One of our new fighters Kate, tales of her adventures on the armored list: http://myscalifee.blogspot.com/

Sticks, Chivalry & The Rose: A Lady Fighter in the SCA: http://steelandchivalry.wordpress.com/

Blogs on Making Awesome Things and Research

The German Renaissance of Genoveva http://germanrenaissance.net/tag/landsknecht/

Heodez on Exploring the beauty recipes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  http://segretipavone.wordpress.com/

Prof. Steven Mulberger’s (author of many awesome books I love) Blog on history:  http://smuhlberger.blogspot.ca/

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Each award that is handed out reduces the value of all awards previously received. Or does it?
I joined the SCA later than most. I ache, and I’m sore a lot. Maybe I’m just too old to amount to anything? Or maybe I just need be wiser going about it?
Is SCA combat in a death spiral from which it can never return? Is it the end of the known world as we know it? Is Armored Combat Dying and can it be saved?
How do you get ready for a big tournament? What does it take to lose the internal butterflies and get on the field? 
What happens after we get home from an event? Does the person we are over the weekend get packed like our armor and garb?
Court is my favorite part of an event, but it wasn't always that way. I used to rarely attend. What changed? I'll explain....
What kind of knight do you wish to be? It's not as easy of a question to answer and it might seem. Answering honestly will reveal much.
The biggest Tournament in our Kingdom has come, and I have found the greatest fighter that walks among us. Who is it? The answer may surprise you.
Being a fighter isn't a easy path, when I started I sucked worse than you can image....
One of the most important virtues is often forgotten or overlooked, yet is critical to being a Knight.

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