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Winning isn’t something I think about when considering whether to participate in a competitive activity. It is either worth doing or it isn’t. 

In competition, my opponent shows me where my faults are.  I adapt and adjust as best I’m able. Either I’m satisfied with the results or I try again to prove my theories, then refine my improvements.

Winning is often dependent on factors you can’t control:

Someone rolls a 20 three times in a row.
Your teammate gets injured.
A bad call from a ref.
Last minute rule changes.
And thousands more.

Winning can be a fickle goal. Let’s say you do win. Does that mean you are better?

If 32 people enter a contest and only one gets to win that day, does that mean the other 31 people wasted their day?

If the activity is worthwhile, then the effort is worthy. If you can grow from it, it is even more worthy. If you and I can improve each other, it’s more worthy yet.

If one person won yesterday but doesn’t today, are they now a loser?

Every time a person experiences a “win”, there have been countless times they have gone into a situation thinking they have everything together only to make a mistake, or experience any of a number of random elements and end up on their backs. They stand up and get knocked back down, over and over.

In a winning-is-everything culture, they are a loser. But what makes someone worthy is often different than what makes someone a winner.

Being worthy is about putting yourself on the line, even when you know today isn’t that day. You know you are going to give it your best shot anyway.

Being worthy is about coming back again and again, against an seemingly unstoppable force. Maybe someone else got to the finish line first today, but they had to go through you to do it.

Being worthy isn’t about a result. It’s about overcoming internal and external struggles and being willing to put yourself on the line.

Be bold, Be brave.

You are worthy

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