Royal Carrier of Heavy Things

14 Nov 2013 by gebhard, 2 Comments »

royal1It has been a great honor to assist with a Royal reign.

It takes many people to make a reign run smoothly. For example someone with amazing talent will be needed to sew, paint, applique and embroider garments to make them worthy of a King or Queen and someone with excellent communication skills to organize staff and make needed arrangements.  I, too, have my part.  It’s mostly to carry the really heavy things from the back of the oversize van to someone off in the distance. Up hill. Both ways.

This is, in no way, a complaint. As royal carrier of heavy things, I get to participate in some of the most amazing parts of the SCA.  I have seen some truly unprecedented, awesome things.  Most of all, I get to hang out with peers of the realm, Royalty of other Kingdoms and many other “vested” people.

What do I mean by “vested”? The short answer is when someone is vested they will talk about ways to improve the SCA rather than themselves.

When you get near someone who is vested, you’ll hear about the amazing metal working Bob made, or they’ll show you an amazing glass blown by a youth member of their barony, and you never hear about the last event they ran, feast they put on or the award they should have gotten.

They will ask things like, “What do you think you can do to get more new person involved with A&S?” or “What do you think would help a member who is burned out be re-energized?”

They are filled with continuous positive energy about the people they know and they have a solid grasp on what it takes to make the SCA fun for everyone.  I love being able to listen to such conversations. There are so many good ideas out there. It is an absolute pleasure to be in the company of people who try in everything they do to build people up.

His Majesty’s tag line has been, “We are here to build people up.” I am always looking for ways to implement his mandate.

In a few months, when I’m no longer on the road every weekend to somewhere I’ve never been before, I’ll miss this, and these people. I fear our paths will seldom cross after the reign.

I’ve been told that Royalty, will often make lifetime friends with other Royalty who share reigns. I hope for my King and Queen’s sake that this is so.  They are amazing people, and I would wish for them to have amazing lifetime friends from those they meet over this reign.

As the guy who carries the heavy things, I can only hope that maybe from time to time, they will need something unreasonably heavy moved when awesome people come to visit. This way I can once again be near those titans of our game who’s dedication,  hard work and very life spirit goes into making what we do better for all that will take part.



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  1. I know someone who is trying to get a Laurel in the Art of Carrying Things. There is really nothing more medieval. 🙂

  2. You are one of those titans, Gebhard, you and your Lady. Don’t let the fact that another mountain might be taller convince you that you are not also a mountain!

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