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1231644_10153252196680262_1371198772_nI have never been to Rose Tourney before. I asked what it was like. I was told, it’s the way you’d wish all events were, it’s a very pretty site, lots of banners, everyone is dressed nice, mundane things are hidden away. That certainly turned out to be true.

However I’m getting a little ahead of myself: As normal, the day started with getting up earlier than I like to make the runs of getting people and things loaded into my school bus sized van. Conversations about your commitment level, do tend to drop off after you buy a 20 foot van (and later a trailer hitch because it’s not big enough) to support your “hobby”.

However, if life is nothing but a chain of small moments, it’s these moments I truly relish, having a number of friends in the car, headed out to somewhere fun having a debate over most important matters of life and our game. That is to say, debating the transporter and warp drive functionality and limitations, as seen in recent Star Trek movies.

Once to site,

It was a honor to be on our Princess’s team. I did my best to represent Her well. I did not know Peter or James previous to the tourney, and both performed well on list. I’m very pleased they were the same team myself. (So I didn’t pull them on the list). Our Baron, Marcus fought valiantly.

There are a couple people, Drust and Ivan, I was hoping to pull, don’t worry I’m looking for you.

Time just flew by, I thought it was 2 or 3 pm, when it was 5pm. I having so much fun, I had no concept of time. You could hardly ask for better weather, refreshments, music or aesthetic beauty.

There were a lot of people I wanted to talk to, though I never got a chance. It is what happens when so many awesome people are in one place.

Thank you to the musicians, you guys are amazing. ( Aaron ElkissMonique Rio,Robyyan Torr d’ElandrisCarol Anne Perry Lagemann I might be missing one? ) Music such a nice ambiance to events. It’s always delightful to hear people playing, I’m sorry my day was overly booked and I could come hang out with you.

I wish to congratulate Sir Ingram von Atzinger on his admittance into the Order of Chivalry and also Arina de Träntorp in joining the Order of the Laurel.

I got to see a new group become a full canton, something I haven’t see before.

There were some truly amazing scrolls. We have very gifted artists that spend a lot of time making a work of art, to then give it away.

Special thanks to Genoveva von Lübeck for her help on a dress for my beloved. Genoveva is truly awesome.

Thank you for the event staff for a putting together this event, it was a wonderful day.

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  1. Brannos says:

    Very happy you had a good time at your first Rose Tournament. The thing I LOVE the most about his event is that it brought the order of the Rose back to the Middle Kingdom.

    Thank you BTW for all these GREAT post. Please come see me sometime, I LOVE your dedication to helping people enjoy life.

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