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I love tournaments, meeting your opponent face to face, and taking part in a mutual kinship of competition. This is one of the few venues in life when both parties can walk away improved. As such I have always loved Crown, it is all of that and a lot more.

We put on our fanciest garb, we hang banners, and get bards to boast funny and over exaggerated things. On the side of list is the biggest inspiration of your life, encouraging and watching the entire enterprise. It is a grand thing in deed.

However,  I’m saddened so few competitors entered the list with a smile, while at Crown.

“There is just to much on the line at Crown Geb, it has to all business, so there’s no time for fun. They want to win” I’ve been told.  

I know I represent a minority view point, but I think that Crown would be opposite . We are fighting to volunteer a year of our lives away. There should be some enjoyment there, and thus spreading and encouraging that joy to the Kingdom. 

I think we put far too much an emphasis on winning. Or what will happen if you do “win”.

This attitude “Don’t enter unless your ready to win”, it keeps a lot people out of Crown. By doing so, removes the reason the SCA was founded from the majority of members. (even fighters.)

There are a series of questions that are good to think about.

If only one person can win, does that mean only one person can have a good day?

Could we enjoy participating if it meant not winning?

Doesn’t going through the process of getting ready to participate leave you better off no matter what happens?

Is Crown only about you?

Will your inspiration have a good day at Crown?

Will your inspiration feel more or less special if you fight for them in Crown?

Will your inspiration think less or you for not winning?

Is it not more likely your inspiration will think that much more of you for putting your body on the anvil for an opportunity to proclaim your affection for them. I’m sure it will create day they will always remember.

I’ve heard countless tales of the joys of being fought for. That alone should be enough to get you out. Be bold for someone you care about.

Should not the focus of Crown not be on the pageantry, having fun high caliber fights, connecting with friends and making an enjoyable day for your consort?

If it is, when you step in the list you can meet your opponent with the biggest smile and joy in your heart. Because no matter the outcome, you’ve both already won.

( I found the card in the image a few days after crown, with a very touching thank you for making the day on to remember.)



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