Picking up the Pieces

6 May 2014 by gebhard, 4 Comments »

peicesEvery Tuesday for the last many months, I’ve released an article. This weeks was “Sunset on the Brightest Day” which was posted remotely as that was the most appropriate time.  Facebook, of course, garbled the link.

Many people have asked if I would keep writing, some more forcefully than others. I wasn’t really sure. What’s the appeal of my Blog? Looking at what articles are the most popular, they are the ones about Royalty or about SCA culture. Now that I’m no longer part of a reign, my insight into Royalty is limited, and I can only give so many reasons why people should attend court before I become redundant.

Out of all of the very kind and touching things people have said to me about the blog, more than one has said he or she has been inspired to dust off their armor and rejoin our numbers on the list. I don’t understand why this is so.  Everyone of you are worthy. If what I said can act as a reminder of the greatness you have inside, then I will keep talking.

It was His Majesty Cellach’s goal of His reign to “Build people up” and will do my best to continue that pursuit.

However like all things, the blog will have to adapt and change to survive. This week I will be reindexing, evaluating and contemplating.

Next week, we will begin anew.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support of my and this project.

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  1. Laura Hume says:

    Thanks for what you’ve written. I’ve enjoyed reading your entries.

  2. Milesent says:

    It was a worthy effort! Well done 🙂 Of course it’s hard to come up with content weekly; you could always switch to a monthly if you’re feeling over-whelmed? Or take requests (muhahahaha) 😉


  3. Wilhelm says:

    I’m actually not able to read Sunset on the Brightest Day; linky no worky. 🙁

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