6 May

Picking up the Pieces

peicesEvery Tuesday for the last many months, I’ve released an article. This weeks was “Sunset on the Brightest Day” which was posted remotely as that was the most appropriate time.  Facebook, of course, garbled the link.

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3 May

Sunset of the Brightest Day

10264054_10203480529989558_704483222811192405_oWhen I started this blog, my goal was to share all the funny anecdotal tales that I was sure would come in by the droves during the reign. It was going to be smart and witty, and a little ball of joy in all my readers’ day. Sorta of like cat photo’s, or those what “color outfit from a villain on buffy are you” tests. Instead, as I found my footing, something very different happened.

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29 Apr


This Reign, I’ve had the privilege of seeing four different sets of new Barons and Baronesses take Their Baronial thrones. The Baron and Baroness are the local representative of the crown. This is one of the most important positions that can be held, and I have the greatest respect for all those who sit on a Baronial Throne.

If your SCA experience was anything like mine, They were the first set of people with coronets and a title you met.

It’s no job to be taken lightly. Sure They get a cool coronet, but They also train newbies, promote the Barony, persist our culture, advocate on behalf of Their subjects to the Crown, and countless other things. However Their job doesn’t end after practice or after an event. Read More »

22 Apr

Hope: The Principal Instrument

1800014_10100899102688184_1650966878_oIn the course of my studies, I frequently review and think about chivalric virtues. Which virtue is the greatest? That must always be Prowess;  it’s the ability to get the job done. Without it, you can’t be a Knight. However, Prowess is given opportunity by a combination of many things.  That leads my to second favorite virtue, Hope. Read More »

15 Apr

To lighten a heavy load

Ifencing authorized rapier this year, in part because, as a member of the Queen’s guard, I felt it was my job to follow her on every list she enters.

I had heard a lot of horror stories about rapier people like: if you jump at them, they will crumple up into the fetal position. I was also told that I needed to be so very careful about how much I move or how wide I throw my shots.  Even if I only connect at touch calibration for a draw cut, if it looks like I could have smashed them, I’ll get my card pulled.
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8 Apr

Making Change

Roman-coin-hoard-found-at-007My first North Oaken War Maneuvers (a major melee event in my Kingdom) many years ago, was a place where I learned many things core to life in the SCA. Things like: Bourbon is not a substitute for water after a long day of fighting, Viking games are hysterical, especially if you’re not the one doing them, and always remember which tent is yours.

As I wrapped my sausages in pancakes at breakfast and gnawed on them, a bard sat near me and shared a few stories.  One was the funniest story I have ever heard, and I would share it with you now, if I could remember it. Instead I’ll tale his other story. Read More »

3 Apr

Passing of the Couter

CouterofChivalry-leftI, squire to the King Cellach of the Mighty Dragon Kingdom, had the honor to bear witness to the Passing of the Couter of Chivalry, for a second time. I was present when Prince Cellach was found worthy during a previous War at Pennsic.

Before I can give my account of this historic event, I must also give an account of the Couter of Chivalry so all will understand the value of being worthy to hold such an honorable relic. My account will be brief, and I would ask that you seek those worthy few mentioned herein to get a first hand account of the history of value of such a noble prize.

I was not present, and I have studied much to bring these early accounts.

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27 Mar

Across the Line

northshieldIn years past, the Armored Ravine battle at Gulf Wars has been my least favorite melee.  Last year, it may have been the worst time I’ve ever had in armor. However, this year the Ravine was probably the most fun I’ve had in armored (and rapier) melees.

While I recount last year’s Armored Ravine battle, keep in mind I get hit in the head a lot, so my memory may not be completely accurate. Before the war began, I went in knowing that our Unbelts team needed more polearm fighters for the year, so I decided I would take a polearm into all melees to get as good as I could with the weapon, in hopes of making the team.

So I took out my polearm and, within seconds of the start, learned I was a crossbow bolt magnet. There were about 80 shieldmen on each side. And, about 250 combat archers on each side.

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25 Mar

How We Win

master-GG365I’ve been an IT contractor for much of my mundane career. I’ve found myself at many large corporations that had, among many things, cube farms, more meetings than is rational and large break rooms. In said break rooms often would be a ping-pong table.

I’ve never been very coordinated.  Any “sport” that you play on a table inside, I promise will end with my breaking something glass, expensive, or both.

During lunch, a lot of the guys would play Ping-Pong (or table tennis, as they referred to it) and would even have small tournaments.

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20 Mar

The Heart of the Dragon


Jung-mie1I recently authorized rapier. As part of the Queen’s guard, I felt it was my part to protect the Queen on every list she enters. In this process, I learned rapier fighters have their own culture, legends and stories. I also learned that fencers hold the Queen very dearly and was told the story as to why. (Please note that I get hit in the head repeatedly two or more times a week, so I may have a few/a lot of details wrong.) Read More »

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