2 Oct

Year One

tirnewydd3In digging around doing research for a different project, I ran into some old writings of mine. They are from what was my MySpace page from year I started in the SCA. For those who do not know, MySpace was once an uglier version of Facebook or G+.  Only we didn’t know it was ugly at the time, since nothing better was out yet.

Within the internets past, I found the words from my very first event, Ceilidh XIX. I wasn’t even authorized to fight yet (that happened at Baron Wars a week later). Read More »

30 Sep

One Year

cupcakeThis blog started roughly one year ago. One week before Red Dragon, Prince Cellach and I held the field at Nigil’s and Adrielle’s Coronation as two of the chivalric virtues. This was one of the best days I’ve had ever had in armor.

Read More »

23 Sep

Opossum and Circumstance

parkI’ve recently found myself between jobs.  This gives me to time to do housework, fix my armor, work on side projects, and take my dogs on long walks in the park in the Fall.

I have two dogs, a Basset Hound named Rufus and a German Shepherd named Alex. I jokingly think of them as my hunting pack, and I have a bayer and a tackler, both critical parts of the team needed to take down large game. If I tried to take them hunting, I’m pretty sure Rufus would just lead Alex to nearest fast food restaurant where he can exercise his centuries’ old skills and breeding excellence by looking adorable and begging for food. Research needed to be done, if I was going to have my own hunting pack. Read More »

16 Sep


picketwiretracks_wiki_-cm195902Part of my childhood was spent near Denver, Colorado. While it’s been a very long time, and I no longer remember exactly where, I recall there is a highway along the foothills where as you drive you’ll pass a giant footprints in the side of the hill.  Growing up, I loved dinosaurs and seeing their footprints made them seem like something only recently gone as you heard so much about them, much like WWII, The beatles or Woodstock.

I would often wonder what was it like in their day (the dinosaurs, not woodstock). If I were to go back to their day, could I make it? If they were here now, what could we learn from them? Did they have zebra stripes? Were they blue and hot pink? Fun things for a young man to think about.

I find this an interesting thing about how we keep of track of time. There is what I can remember, and everything before that falls into the same lump of “before my time”.  When looking at a footprint, it’s hard to get a feeling for just how long ago was it left behind.

A short time ago, I was at an event.  Talk turned to events “before my time”.  It seems some old film of early tournaments had surfaced. “I could have won crown then, and you, and you, and anyone. They didn’t throw off side shots then and barely moved.” Read More »

9 Sep

Tournament Of Chivalry

Image3I used to dread TOCs. Some years ago, I skipped a lot of them. Before I get into how I stopped being afraid and learned to love the TOC, I should cover a little history about them.

Before the Tournament Of Chivalry, Unbelts had to gain renown (word fame or name fame) throughout the fighting community if they wished to be considered for Knighthood. This was problematic in the early years of the Middle Kingdom when it could be several hour’s drive to the nearest knight.

The most significant thing an Unbelt could do to gain renown was to fight in Crown Tournament.  The King and Queen invited a list of worthy fighters, and that list was published for all to see in our newsletter, The Pale. Read More »

3 Sep

What are people saying: about you?

Image5Renown (Name Fame or Word Fame) is perhaps the currency of everyone in the SCA (and maybe in life as well). If I asked, what is it people say about you? What would the answer be? Read More »

26 Aug

Winning Renown

joustEveryone wants to be a winner,  After all winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. In our culture, we have a become accustomed to a winner-take-all attitude. It hasn’t always been this way.  In the SCA, this isn’t really our collective attitude. It is something often seen in sports, games and Business Weekly.  Any time I do run across it in our sport, it seems as out of place as a pink lawn chair at a Rose Tournament.

In period, all deeds of arms came at some risk to your person. Without modern medicine, even a small cut, or a sprain could escalate to the point it would end your career or your life. Those bold enough risk their very person for a cause were worthy of admiration. Taking part in such deeds built your renown (word fame or name fame).  This resulted in accolades and appreciation by your local authorities and/or crown.  Renown led to promotions, lands, or better marriages.  More comes to those of high renown. Those who do more are more worthy.

How was renown built in period? Let’s take a brief look at a period example. Read More »

19 Aug

Only in the SCA

driving_with_an_avilDuring Pennsic, my Knight, Count Cellach and I bumped into two very awesome people I got to know during the reign, Sir Byron and Sir Ariella of Aethelmearc. We talked with them at the food court.  Before Pennsic, Sir Byron had had suffered a minor injury to his foot when he accidentally knocked his anvil over.

I shook my head. “Yea, I hate it when that happens”, I said. “Well, that because you’re in the SCA,” he said. When he was explaining the injury to his family, one of them asked. “Did the Road Runner get away?”. Normal people do not have anvils, much less knock them over.

This is one of many little things I often take for granted that sounds funny in the modern world, but is common place for all of us in the SCA. One of the many great things we do is to provide opportunities for people to step outside their comfort zone to try something new. Read More »

12 Aug

Happy New Year!

balloonsWhen I was young, I would always try my hardest to stay up on New Year’s Eve for the ball to the drop. I didn’t make it very often, but if I did, I would cheer, then pass out shortly after. The next day, I might be asked something about resolutions. I didn’t really understand the importance of saying I decided to make a change. I just wanted to stay up late and eat junk food. Many of my first resolutions were to stay up until midnight on New Year’s. The new year always had an air of excitement around it. I feel that same excitement today….

I’ve returned home from another Pennsic.  Overly tired, I’ve unloaded the trailer and the van into the living room where the totes will sit and slowly be picked over in the weeks to come to be re-inventoried and re-organized.
Read More »

29 Jul

Welcome Home

pennsic_campThe Pennsic War is the single largest SCA event. Ten to fifteen thousand people come together for two weeks of the year in what is deemed the most of everything the SCA has to offer.

One of the many things I’m impressed with about Pennsic lies in watching it come together.  Nearly overnight, a grass field becomes a thriving city.

The first night everyone camps together on the battlefield. This is referred to as Zero Night. The cars stream in from all over the country and set up side by side. This year, like many others, as I walked through the rows of cars, people would greet me with a hug, and the phrase “Welcome Home”. It’s always been fun for me to think of Pennsic as Home, and those other 50 weeks of the year as somewhere I’m only visiting. Read More »

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