1 Jul

Pieces of Heart: Charity

ravenhomeThe kind of Charity I prefer is the kind that allows people an opportunity to work to improve their situation. For the last two years, I’ve worked for a company that writes software that supports the Developmental Disabilities community.

People with DD are people with severe chronic mental or physical impairments that make independent living difficult. Issues like Down Syndrome and severe Cerebral Palsy.

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24 Jun


10365978_303322299835840_8368601304973197106_n When I think back to the most fun scenarios I’ve ever fought on a melee field, I find myself sifting through scenarios like the following:

So there is this big war event thingy coming up in a few months, and we should be like ready and stuff. There are going to be a number of dudes over there, so we are  just going to sorta run at them. We’ll do that 4 or 5 times, then we’ll do a same thing only as a “bridge” battle, then we’ll do a bunch of broken field battles. In the breaks, we can talk about the issues with getting your router’s NAT set up correctly and how to prioritize network traffic to favor streaming content over surfing packets.

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17 Jun

Grounded: The Virtue of Humility

free_rock_stone_stock_by_aelathen-d6rxcrfWhat does a person do to exhibit the Virtue of Humility?

Looking back at people who play sports, it seems the players who do not brag, the ones who don’t over exaggerate their accomplishments, show Humility. While bragging is a visible action against Humility, the virtue itself is much deeper.

Merriam-Webster defines Humility as “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people”. This is the modern and common way of explaining this virtue.  I’m sure all of us have heard this before, at length.

This explanation is why I have never understood Humility. If I’m not better than someone, then I’m at the bottom of the stack. Everyone I meet is better than me? I didn’t need to think about that very long to see it isn’t true. You’re better than that, and so am I.  If I think I’m better than someone, can I still show Humility? Read More »

10 Jun

The one who inspires


I joined the SCA before I met my wife. When I was talking about fighting in a tournament, I was told that it was not good for a man to fight for himself, but it was right for him to have someone to fight for, and whatever winnings I might gain were to be given to the one who inspired me.

While I followed that advice, at the time I didn’t understand it. If I’m doing all the work, why shouldn’t I keep the prize? On the other hand, girls like it when you give them shiny things.  How could this go wrong? Read More »

3 Jun

Net Zero Sum

servericjulieannaSome years ago, I was working on generating an award conspiracy to get someone in my local group a Purple Fret (the Midrealm AoA level service award).

I don’t remember much about the conversation or even who was there. I remember when I suggested getting the candidate, whose name has slipped my mind, an award, and I asked for recommendations to be entered. One of the members of the conversation said “I don’t think it’s appropriate yet, I know what it took to get mine!” Read More »

27 May

Amazing & Surprising

I spend most of time in the SCA getting hit in the head and contemplating ways of not getting hit in the head. Granted I would like to look nice while this both of these processes are going on. So, I had to learn to do a number of odd things, like set gores, make buttons, smith armor, and so on.

I can’t suggest I’m good at any of them. I always muddle my way through somehow and get something at the end that is usable enough. I certainly wouldn’t suggest I could teach or judge this muddled process of creating a product usable on the lists or to try to not look like such a slouch in court. Read More »

13 May

Rocket Cats

Franz_Helm_man_loading_a_cannonAre you at the end of a long campaign? Do you long to see home and loved ones, but your King has demanded you take this one last keep before you can return? Are you expecting your siege to last until winter? Read More »

6 May

Picking up the Pieces

peicesEvery Tuesday for the last many months, I’ve released an article. This weeks was “Sunset on the Brightest Day” which was posted remotely as that was the most appropriate time.  Facebook, of course, garbled the link.

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3 May

Sunset of the Brightest Day

10264054_10203480529989558_704483222811192405_oWhen I started this blog, my goal was to share all the funny anecdotal tales that I was sure would come in by the droves during the reign. It was going to be smart and witty, and a little ball of joy in all my readers’ day. Sorta of like cat photo’s, or those what “color outfit from a villain on buffy are you” tests. Instead, as I found my footing, something very different happened.

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29 Apr


This Reign, I’ve had the privilege of seeing four different sets of new Barons and Baronesses take Their Baronial thrones. The Baron and Baroness are the local representative of the crown. This is one of the most important positions that can be held, and I have the greatest respect for all those who sit on a Baronial Throne.

If your SCA experience was anything like mine, They were the first set of people with coronets and a title you met.

It’s no job to be taken lightly. Sure They get a cool coronet, but They also train newbies, promote the Barony, persist our culture, advocate on behalf of Their subjects to the Crown, and countless other things. However Their job doesn’t end after practice or after an event. Read More »

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