14 Jul

The Unbelt’s Battle

1085037_10100683013362924_571700300_oBeing part of the Unbelted Champions team has been meant many things to me: from being the worst I ever felt in armor, to the point that I even considered giving up the SCA altogether and also the most proud moments of my SCA career. It’s something that has shaped me and the way I look at fighting. Read More »

30 Jun

The Perfect Event


What does it take to make the perfect event? Does it need to offer that special class you’ve been waiting for? A tournament with a nifty prize, or a your favorite melee scenario? Read More »

11 Jun

A Mile in a Another Man’s Helm

buckethelm1There is an old adage that says: “You do not know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”  But, do you any more about a person after walking a mile in his helm?

I’m sure those in Cleftlands would disagree, but those of us here in Middle Marches have always considered Sir Nikolai to be a Tirnewydd Knight.

When Sir Nikolai moved away, he left behind a green bucket helm. It was added to our loaner gear and nearly every new fighter we’ve had since is part of an Order: the Order of the Green Bucket Helm.

Made deep within the mines of the Hocking Hill in a time long past the knowledge of mortal men (1989) Baron Larmorak of Dunsinane forged helms within the bowels of great iron keeps of old, and one of these legendary helm was forged for Sir Nikolai.  Read More »

4 Jun

Tactical Youth Combat

Image5Tactical Youth Combat and Mixed Adult-Youth Melees

If you know a youth who enjoys padded weapon combat, or if you are an adult who would enjoy fighting with padded weapons and young people, come to North Oaken War Maneuvers.

Big ideas are brewing to make SCA combat more fun, more inclusive and accessible to all. Plus, we’ll teach melee tactics in a easy to learn setting.
Read More »

3 Jun

Shadowed Stars

10394063_10206884264815138_8320285307939489095_nThis weekend I watched history being made as the Shire of Shadowed Stars became the Barony of Shadowed Stars, the 20th Barony in the Middle Kingdom, and Fergus and Maggie became the first Baron and Baroness of Shadowed Stars.

How does a local group benefit from becoming a Barony?

The smallest group in the SCA is known as a Shire or Canton. As the population of active members grows to forty or more, that group has the option of starting the long process of becoming a Barony.
Read More »

28 May

Why Fight in Crown?

nick1Crown Tournament has grown to become one of my favorite events, if not my favorite event, on the event calendar.  Everyone dresses in their nice garb. I get to geek out for weeks about those who are fighting.  Everyone works to make the day camps look nice.
And banners, I like heraldic banners.

As period music fills the background, the fighters process out with their consorts and say words of boasts, of bravery or of the beauty of their ladies. For a moment as they all stand in front of those who have traveled great and far to attend.  Excitement fills the room; those worthy combatants seem radiant. Read More »

12 May

Does fighting fix everything?


Growing up, I’m sure we all heard “fighting never solves anything”.  Yet, fighting is the staple of the SCA.  Our combat, for better or worse, sets our hobby apart from many others.

Is fighting bad? Nearly every martial art teaches the importance of not only understanding oneself, but also your environment and opponents. The study of a martial form becomes the forge that molds and shapes us, working out the impurities and turning us into something more.

This is quite a claim. Could it be true? If it was true, could it mean that fighting fixes everything? Read More »

7 May

The Passing of the Crown

wayupAfter Coronation, I wanted to write about how inspiring Count Cadogan and Countess AnnMarie have been during their Reign, while also stating my excitement for the upcoming Reign of Their Royal Majesties Ragnvaldr and Arabella. This has had me torn: Does complementing one diminish the other?

Which work of Michelangelo is the greatest? David? The Sistine Chapel? The dome of St Peter’s Basilica? Maybe another? Read More »

21 Apr

No Heroes

premer“No Heroes” was the sign on the wall of a company I interviewed at during a recent time of unemployment. It was a tech company, and they were pitching how everyone gives a contribution to the team effort and no one is a hero. They don’t even want them;  they cause too much trouble. Read More »

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