2 Jun

Always Vigilant

13310499_10101967302102994_810049399558106600_nI would like to start by thanking everyone. I’m very humbled by the all the expressions of joy and celebration I’ve received.  The SCA is filled with the most amazing group of people I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of, and at every event, I’m reminded of it again, in infinitely different ways.

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6 Apr

The Royal Ensemble

   1506088_10100864243391494_1895789034_oBeing part of a Reign is a unique opportunity to be a positive influence, and it is a rare honor. I didn’t truly realize how profound an honor it was until after the Reign was complete.

The year I spent as the “Royal Carrier of Heavy Things” was of the best years I’ve had in the SCA, and I wasn’t even the one who won Crown.  Their Majesties Cellach and Vukasin achieved many great deeds, and some of those remain with us to this day. 

One of the ideas that has remained popular came up in a conversation with Sophia The Orange when she recently asked how The Royal Ensemble got started. The short answer is “because Their Majesties wished to have dancing before court”.  What started out as a simple idea grew into something much more and took on a life of it’s own.

So, How did it get started?
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30 Mar

Always On

spotlight-300x300 (1)I think something that I often forget is that as a member of the SCA, we are also ambassadors and representatives of the SCA to the mundane world. Sometimes we are reminded in the most unexpected of ways.

During the day, while at work, Katayoun’s phone rang.  It was an unknown number, but we were expecting a number of farm business calls, so instead of letting it roll over to voicemail, she decided to answer it.


“Is this the Mid………………….realm?” asks a small uncertain voice.
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3 Feb

Head Space For Rent

madiansI was recently asked if: “Is there anything you did to get more comfortable with tournaments, like dealing with anxiety.

I too get nervous, fearful, and anxious. It’s important to know that your feelings are valid, it’s just a part of being you. Since we seldom get the option of being someone else, we must do what we can.

I won’t give advice like “Just turn them off” or “Compartmentalize them, so you won’t feel them” That’s never worked for me. I must take things head on, and see if I can find the source of why the feeling exists. Read More »

19 Jan

500 miles, 100 minutes, and 1 amazing event

11255199_10207749163027826_2525375210606109917_nA year before, Duke Edmund, Count Cellach,Wigthegn and several others from our kingdom went to a event in the East called “100 minutes war” and came back with great tales of conquest and adventure. In spite of my not being completely sure I wanted to go to a day event so far away, my knight explained it to me like this,

“Last year, Wigthegn went to 100 Minutes War. Wigthegn got knighted.” 
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12 Jan

Having a Grand Day

12265945_1642982065984149_8890926099617996510_oI think Grand Day of Tournaments may have been the most fun I’ve had at a tournament event to date. I know that it’s a few months overdue, but sometimes it’s good it let things settle out before making your “Best Of” lists.

First, I should start by thanking Jason Ironfist. I had forgotten my elbow cops at home, and he loaned me his. Jason has been an unbelt I’ve admired for a long time, someone really should knight that guy.

I, as I always do, had a great time in the Tournament at Grand Day. I love the betting pools. I think they are a great way for non-fighters to get engaged with the fighting, and even to learn the names of the fighters.

I had a whole day of great fights, all hard but clean. You can’t ask really ask for better.   Read More »

5 Jan

Talking Back to the Future

fluxDecember 5th was my 10 year SCA anniversary. In 2005, that was the first practice I attended after learning about the SCA from a guild member in World of Warcraft.

If you could have asked your future self questions, what sort of questions would you ask? Discounting what stocks should I pick or who won the last 10 years of super bowls, what would you want to know?

I’ve thought about that a little bit… here’s how I think that would go if I could call back in time and talk to my newbie self.
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9 Oct

Changing Seasons

coronation4Getting used to long car rides is something everyone in the SCA is accustomed to. Often our car ride are cause for tales of valor, calamity and circumstance. The time frame for these tales are often related to “during the reign of so-and-so and so-and-so”. As the seasons change, I like to take a look back and remember. Read More »

9 Sep

Of Lozenges, Baronies and War


As a fighter, a large part of any event is going to be spent lumbering around a field. My theory on why so many events run together is the fact that the majority of grass fields in the midwest tend to look alike.
If I think about it, the events that stand out do so for a variety of reasons. One event nearly ten years ago still makes me laugh to this day. It was an event I went to when I could count in single digits the number of events I had attended. Read More »

18 Aug

The 1st Goat Division

1stGoatDivThis year I became a member of an unexpected company, the MidRealm fighting 1st Goat Division.  This has already become one of the high points of my Pennsic 44. Allow me to share the tale with all who will listen about how a motley crew of fighters snuck into the backfield and caused havoc among our enemy ranks.

Our tale begins on Thursday of war week. The woods battle isn’t something I often look forward to. It’s a hour long resurrection battle with 3 flags (or maybe 5?). I’m not certain because I’ve rarely seen any flags outside the closest one to our resurrection point.

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