16 Oct

Being a King…

King1At Rendezvous at the Bridge, His Majesty made a remark about not being able to fight as much as he had before He won crown. Someone responded with something similar to “Why not fight as much You want? You’re the King” He replied, “I’m not the King of only the armored fighters, I’m the King of the entire Middle Kingdom”.

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6 Oct


1391498_643485079005466_454909177_nThis is a day, I’ve been looking forward to (with maybe a little bit of dread) for a long time. His Majesty Cellach, (at the time Sergeant Cellach) was at fight practice the first time I came to an SCA meeting. Somewhere around the 3rd meeting, he delivered to my head, the hardest blow I had ever been struck, during a small melee.

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29 Sep

Our friends to the North

1380112_226784414147882_1309816961_nI am just getting home from spending 30 hours in a car this weekend to attend an event. Not just any event of course, but the Coronation of a Midrealm Knight who won the Ealdormere crown, Nigel and his amazingly awesome wife, Adrielle.

Was it worth it?
Of course it was, not in that definite way you say something is worth it, like when you eat an entire super mega dodeca burger to get a free t-shirt, from which you got beef poisoning (but it was a neat t-shirt).
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23 Sep

Rose Tourney

1231644_10153252196680262_1371198772_nI have never been to Rose Tourney before. I asked what it was like. I was told, it’s the way you’d wish all events were, it’s a very pretty site, lots of banners, everyone is dressed nice, mundane things are hidden away. That certainly turned out to be true.

However I’m getting a little ahead of myself: As normal, the day started with getting up earlier than I like to make the runs of getting people and things loaded into my school bus sized van. Conversations about your commitment level, do tend to drop off after you buy a 20 foot van (and later a trailer hitch because it’s not big enough) to support your “hobby”.

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16 Sep


…Meanwhile at Melee at Roswell Thorin and Gebhard, under the cover of both light and heavy fighters move into position to launch an attack on a fleet on unsuspecting children using the dreaded porpoise battle ram


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