30 Jan

Of advice and Worthy Blows

Many moons ago, a knight moved to my Marche from AEthelmearc. He has a very direct way of stating his ideas. I respect directness. Over time, he gave me allot advice that I have held onto to this day. I will share a small part of this advice.

( As a note: I can’t say that this advice originates with Sir Alric.  I’m sure many knights say something similar.  He was the first I heard it from, and so I credit him. )

Once at practice we were sparring, and he hit me in the head. 

He asked “How did I hit you” “and I said, well, I dropped my shield a bit and gave you an opening.”

“When you get hit, it isn’t always because you did something wrong, sometimes it’s because your opponent did something right.” He said. Read More »

22 Jan

Simple Award Overview

I’ve gotten a few questions from newer members lately about how the awards work. To help with the “What does that mean” I’ve made this chart. Read More »

20 Jan

Being a King (part 2)

I write this in hope that one day, should you find yourself on the Dragon Throne, maybe these words will come to mind.

The giving of awards is one way the King and Queen may give recognition and encouragement to the body of the Kingdom, but there are many others.

I have watched Their Majesties and have taken note of a few ideas I wish to share:

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13 Jan

Six pearls

At the last event, Their Majesties saw it fit to make my lovely wife and myself Court Barons.

I never saw this coming.  Not only did I not see this coming, it was something I never thought about happening. When Their Majesties called Katayoun and myself forward, I was actually expecting them to give Katayoun some sort of an award.

We have received many heart touching comments (and later messages) about our dedication and hard work. We are very humbled by the what everyone has had to say. Thank you seems inadequate, I’m not sure what else to say. Part of why the SCA is such a great place is all the amazing people like you.

After the music stopped, we helped clean up site, and joined our friends for a small afterparty. We talked long.  With hugs and goodbyes, we went home. I was sitting on the end of my bed, warm cup of coffee in my hands, barely able to keep my eyes open. 1:30 says the clock. Katayoun sitting in her comfy chair, looks over to me  and says the question that has been rattling around in my head since the moment after court.

“Do you think we really deserve this?”
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7 Jan

2013 Reviewed Graphically Part 4

This edition takes place the week after Pennsic until the week before Coronation.

I’ve become really self conscious, that I post about myself far more than any man should. I feel like I started this thing, and I should finish it.

Next edition will be coronation.
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6 Jan

2013 Reviewed Graphically Part 3

Pennsic time has come! Oddly most pics seem to stop when the sun goes down. This looks like all we did is fight, a lot of the real magic wasn’t documented. We would generally be on the list all day, and off to Royal Encampments, parties, dinners, balls, etc… at night. We ran hard and slept little. It was a great time.

I can’t thank the all the wonderful people that helped us out in untold ways. This kingdom is comprised of some truly amazing people.

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2 Jan

2013 Reviewed Graphically Part 2

May until the start of Pennsic!

Pennsic will likely be it’s own image just due to the fact that Pennsic is the most of the SCA.

Full sized image at this link: http://www.lozengia.com/dcrackel/2013-2.jpg

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1 Jan

2013 Reviewed Graphically Part 1

Due to the amount of time, this took I’m breaking it up into parts. Please enjoy.  (To much content for a preview, you’ll have to click the link)

Full sized image at this link: http://www.lozengia.com/dcrackel/2013-1.jpg

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4 Dec

One jump, One whistle, And one….

gebhardbassWhat is the hardest activity you’ve ever tried to do in the SCA?

I’ve eaten things I’m pretty sure were made out of eyes. I’ve burned myself metalworking. I once (accidently) cup shotted a Duke, who shortly after was kind enough to give me a personal lesson on defense. I’ve made and failed many times on complicated garb. I’ve nearly lost fingers making crossbows. I could go on for sometime listing things I’ve done I considered to be hard.
However, the hardest thing I’ve done to date is try to play music in the SCA. Read More »

25 Nov

Of Beavers, Garb Police and Giving Thanks

downloadIs Thanksgiving a period holiday?  I know at a glance you’d balk and think “How can anything celebrated in the modern United States be period?”.  With a minor amount of research, done between the loading gaps of my steaming shows, I can tell you concretely, 100% that Thanks Giving is… sorta period…. ish… but not really.

However, I have also concluded that Thanksgiving as we know it is only Mostly not Period. That’s different than Completely not Period. When it’s completely non-period, there is only one thing you can do: give it to Gold Key. Read More »

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