18 Mar


dubbingWhen someone is going to be elevated to become a peer, he or she is placed on vigil. I suspect a vigil is meant to be a time of introspection. Vigilants will often isolate themselves, with some exquisite snacks, and will welcome friends and peers alike to give them sage advice on their new path.

I must admit, I have stood in line for many vigils, but I infrequently go in. This is because my only claims to fame are carrying really heavy things and perfecting the art of blocking with my face.
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11 Mar

The Mighty Magrat


This week, I’ll be away at Gulf Wars.  One of the best parts of going to war, is after a long day to stand in line to take a freezing cold shower, then to sit with your feet up, and enjoy an adult beverage of choice with a stick of meat… because meat is always best served the way nature intended, on a stick.

Then with one hand on a cold mug and one on a warm stick o’meat, sitting by the glow and warmth of the nearby fire, warriors big and small will trade tales of the glory of battle. It’s this comradery that binds the fighting community together.  No matter where you were, you’ll be able to join the ranks with a tale that begins, “No s&^%, there we were…”.

While I’m away building a new saga of such tales, I would like to share a random tale from a different war, some years ago.

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4 Mar

All Day All Knight


I always love the post event revels. I enjoy getting to talk to all my favorite people that I seldom have time talk to during the event.  Plus, I get to take nature’s cure for aching muscles and bruises after a day of getting struck in the head, BOOZE!!

At one particular revel, I was talking happily with my guest and over the noise in the room I heard this punchline “If it’s Monday and you still have your coronet on, you’re just a kid at McDonald’s wearing a Burger King crown!”

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25 Feb

The greatest fighter among us

candlemas3I recently returned home from one of the largest tournament events in my Kingdom. The fighting was more intense than a crown tournament, to the winner glory! And no extra commitments.

About one hundred thirty fighters from six kingdoms came to test their mettle against Kings, Dukes, Counts and all manner of living legends of the list. So in participating, I saw the greatest fighters among us.

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18 Feb

The game we play

Image4A short number of events after His Majesty won Crown, I was at an event where I bumped into a old friend. As we chatted, the Prince walked by.  I bowed, and I gave a look to my friend to do the same.

After the Prince had passed, my friend said to me “I don’t bow. It’s not the game I play”.

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11 Feb

For one magic moment

Court is my favorite part of an event, but it wasn’t always that way. I used to rarely attend.

I think many us of start out in a setting like I did some years ago.  After a long day of fighting, I was standing in a large pavilion with cold rain pouring down from a dark sky. It was Court and Baron Wars.


As I stood in my fleur-de-lis viking tunic, sweat pants and tennis shoes, similar to all newcomers,  I was wondering about a number of topics like: What are all these awards being given out? Who are these people? Why is it so damn cold?

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10 Feb

Simple Award Overview (Short-Short Version)

The Short-Short version, this should easily print on a single page so that it can be kept as a reference during court.

Detailed version found here: http://lozengia.com/gebhard/?p=197

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3 Feb

In Pursuit of a Worthy Goal

483203_160381264121531_1018564351_nI remember when I started, Sir Diglach was working me through how to throw a shot. “Have you played any sports?” he asked. “I did track for a year” “Humm….Throw a shot like a punch” he said, and I tried. He laughed and said “You really never have done anything like this!”

I had no natural ability what-so-ever. I sucked.

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30 Jan

Of advice and Worthy Blows

Many moons ago, a knight moved to my Marche from AEthelmearc. He has a very direct way of stating his ideas. I respect directness. Over time, he gave me allot advice that I have held onto to this day. I will share a small part of this advice.

( As a note: I can’t say that this advice originates with Sir Alric.  I’m sure many knights say something similar.  He was the first I heard it from, and so I credit him. )

Once at practice we were sparring, and he hit me in the head. 

He asked “How did I hit you” “and I said, well, I dropped my shield a bit and gave you an opening.”

“When you get hit, it isn’t always because you did something wrong, sometimes it’s because your opponent did something right.” He said. Read More »

22 Jan

Simple Award Overview

I’ve gotten a few questions from newer members lately about how the awards work. To help with the “What does that mean” I’ve made this chart. Read More »

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