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1380112_226784414147882_1309816961_nI am just getting home from spending 30 hours in a car this weekend to attend an event. Not just any event of course, but the Coronation of a Midrealm Knight who won the Ealdormere crown, Nigel and his amazingly awesome wife, Adrielle.

Was it worth it?
Of course it was, not in that definite way you say something is worth it, like when you eat an entire super mega dodeca burger to get a free t-shirt, from which you got beef poisoning (but it was a neat t-shirt).

But in that real, sincere, way. It was a long time to be in a small car to attend an event. Yet I find myself thinking maybe we should be doing this more often? And by we… I mean any one of us.

Gebhard, Surely you have a excess of blood squeezed into your head from being tucked up into a ball for extended period of time while traveling! That’s why your having crazy thoughts like… “All Midrealmers should spend obscene amounts of time in a car to day trip an out of kingdom events.” You say?

Well, That could be a part of it…. not certainly not all of it.

I had the privilege of seeing the crown pass on, in Ealdormere. The new King and Queen made their oaths on very old Midrealm principality coronets.

They passed on a book called “The Herald” that contains Midrealm curia meeting notes as far back as AS 10, in which they decided what title someone who won crown twice would be called.

They sing of us in their songs, repeat our oaths, they remember our Kingdom.

But do we remember them?

It’s from that thought that comes my suggesting that perhaps visiting our neighbors is good for rebuilding friendships, allies and relationships. That’s something we can always use a little more of.

It seems even if we don’t remember them, they will remember us. What is it you would like to be remembered for?

Virtuous Combat

After Morning Court, King Nigel held a Pas d’ Armes in honor of Queen Adrielle. He held the field with 6 others representing the 7 Knightly virtues against any challengers. Barrier, single sword, melee, any weapon, any format, 3 passes, counted blows… anything.

I was given a great honor of getting to be one of the virtues that held the field. I had amazing time. I only took breaks long enough to hydrate. I just couldn’t get enough.

Everyone that met me on the field had a huge smile. It was like fighting should always be, with praise, laughs and hugs.

There was nothing to lose, nor anything to be gained. We fought for the love of it… and there was a lot of Love.

Virtue by any other Name
I was a little surprised that the virtues were not assigned. Then I got to thinking…. what virtue would I be? Of course any fighter wants to be Prowess, but I could never claim such a virtue, not while our Prince (soon to be King) Cellach was on the field. He even has a banner saying such. If you doubt me, you’ll see it at His coronation this weekend.

So what Virtue best represents me? I think that is a good question for each of to ask ourselves from time to time.

I’m not really sure I know that answer. However, at one of my early events in the SCA, King Felix awarded me the mark of Courage in a tournament based on Knightly Virtues.

It sits on my dresser next to my alarm clock, as a reminder.

I try everyday to be worthy of that award.

A warrior Queen, and a promise
As I was breaking down for court, Duchess Kaylah came to vist. She was hoping to get a little helm time with our Prince. Unfortunately, he could not tarry, so instead His Highness suggested that she could scratch her itch to hit someone in the head, on me.

Dutchess Kaylah is a Master at Arms. She has fought in many crowns, even unto the finals.

She is quick, agile and deadly on the field.

Personally, she is delightful and amazingly friendly but most importantly she speaks to the prowess our beautiful Princess on the list.

I promised that if Kaylah should win crown, I will attend her Coronation.

Odds and End
Ealdormere finishes their courts in song.

They sing a lot.

King Nigil has easily has 5 songs just about him.

Feast was awesome, however I didn’t pace myself properly.

Canada is a beautiful country.

Canada could use a outer belt system, that most major cities in the U.S. have. Pro-tip, avoid the 401.

Canadian money is pretty.

Canadians are generally very polite, and take a great deal of pride in eating at Tim Horton’s. It’s even better there than here.

In Canada, foods are made with sugar not corn syrup. The difference is amazing.

Scotch is good.

7 vs 20 maybe isn’t a good idea, but it sure is a way to end things with a bang… that is to say, the sound my head made.

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