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cupcakeThis blog started roughly one year ago. One week before Red Dragon, Prince Cellach and I held the field at Nigil’s and Adrielle’s Coronation as two of the chivalric virtues. This was one of the best days I’ve had ever had in armor.

Do I miss the Reign? I do. I would strongly encourage every member to help with a reign should they have the opportunity.

Over the last year, I’ve posted 56, articles on a variety of topics, a little more than a one a week. At events, I’ve had people track me down to tell me they liked an article or give me a hug. I’m always very touched by this.  I’m shocked anyone reads whatever ramblings I’ve put forth. Over the year, I’ve received many very kind words and only a few pieces of hate mail.

Before the reign, I had dabbled with the idea of a blog for sometime. I certainly posted enough on Facebook about events, I figured why not make a running narrative to look back on during and after the reign, a scrapbook of sorts.  About this time, King Cellach said something that made me think, “Someone should write this down and share it…. oh wait minute!”  covered in “Being a King“.

It took until January to find a tone and format that seemed to convey the ideas I commonly wished to express.

I won’t repeat myself overly much here, as the details about why the blog exists and it’s goals are covered in the entry “Sunset of the Brightest Day

While the direction of this project has changed over time, one thing that has not, my hope that my adventures and random thoughts will bring a smile to those who read it.

How much more do I have left in me to say? This is something I do ask myself from time to time.  While all projects must come to an end, I have at least a few dozen more to go. Let us go forward together, and see what lies ahead.

Thank you for all your support.

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