Of Lozenges, Baronies and War

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As a fighter, a large part of any event is going to be spent lumbering around a field. My theory on why so many events run together is the fact that the majority of grass fields in the midwest tend to look alike.
If I think about it, the events that stand out do so for a variety of reasons. One event nearly ten years ago still makes me laugh to this day. It was an event I went to when I could count in single digits the number of events I had attended.

It was shortly after Edmund and Kateryn stepped down from the Thrones that King Felix gave Duke Edmund a writ expanding Edmund’s Duchy into four surrounding Baronies. Looking for a way to help smaller events increase attendance, he declared war on those Baronies, and called in Allies. Meanwhile, each of the sitting Barons and Baronesses rallied their troops to the cause.

lozengia-map1The day of the event, I was just a humble Baronial soldier, not yet part of Lozengia.  I watched as the heads of each side came out to make their intentions known. However Baron Niko of Flaming Gryphon brought out a troop of hippy protesters, complete with flowers and protest signs that said things like “End Edmunds War Machine” and “Shield into Sun Shades”, who came out passing out flowers and chanting. This scene has put a smile on my face during many tiring circumstances in the years to come. Just one of the many things being in the SCA good for.

An event is a narrative in which we all get to take part. What part we play is up to us, but unlike most stories, the position of Hero is open to all. Everyone can be a Hero. Events that use schtick help facility the Hero Narrative.  It can turn a bunch of people mulling around in a field into a Epic that will remembered and thought of fondly for decades to come.


This weekend will be a opportunity to join in what I’m sure we’ll talk about into the ages.

I will don my armor and join the head of my household, Duke Edmund, to aide him in asserting his rightful claims. Will you join us or oppose us?  No matter to which side your commitments lead you, great feats will be performed. Hero’s will be made, and at the end, we will drink and celebrate those feats and heroes together.

We may have a few surprises.  It may be something you’ll never forget. Why take a chance and miss it?


All pictures have been graciously provided by Master Phil

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