Mind the Drop

24 Feb 2019 by gebhard, No Comments »

At a recent event I was talking with a fighter on the side of the list. At a point in our conversation she told me that she enjoys fighting her friend. She wants them to do well, and they are determined, and have a goal. Who is she to stand in their way of achieving their goal?

I can say I have also felt this way in the past, is this a mentality can that leads to the best results in your personal fight?

Before I dive into that, let’s look at another similar example.

Let’s say you are fighting someone, and for whatever reason they just can’t block their arm. (I’m assuming after you found this weakness in their defense you’re backing down your force) Do you stop hitting them in the open area?

I’ve heard many fighters (on armor or rapier) tell me they will. Since it’s obvious that shot isn’t being blocked their is no reason to keep proving they can hit and they shift to something else.

It does seem like a kind thing to do. The most unkind acts can be masked in kindness.

I believe anytime two people enter a list, both should leave slightly better than when they entered.

Who was the more honorable opponent?  The one that shows you your weakness and allows you to correct, or the one that hides it away for you?

I used to not keep throwing the same shot if I knew someone couldn’t stop it. These days, I turn the force down as much as I can, and keep throwing it. After a set number of times I might say like, “What is happening? Why am I am able to make this shot?” Some people will ask me to break it down further to gain understanding, others will make the correction themselves without additional words.

I make it a point that won’t get to escape until they understand what is happening, and how they might stop it.

If every time we fight we are placing ourselves on the anvil to be reshaped into something more valuable: Should you stand in the way of a friend who is driven to win?

Not only should you, it is the highest level of honor that the best fight be given. Honor is so often thought of in terms of what you forfeit, in many cases, it is in what you do not.

If you are to be true to your friend, if you have respect for your opponent it is on you to bring your best fight. This way both parties will leave improved by the experience. No matter the outcome you’ll be able to congratulate each other for the experience shared.

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