Medieval Torture Devices for Home Use

15 Mar 2015 by gebhard, 1 Comment »

goatstandSadly, due to a variety of mundane issues, I’m unable to attend Gulf Wars this year. Instead, I’m trying to knock out items on my to-do list. One of them was to construct this device. I thought it would be fun to post an image of it, and see how many of my friends knew what it was for. Some of the answers were very creative.

This has always been what I like about the SCA.  We don’t guess at what it was it like in the Middle Ages, we do what they did. So what is this device used for? I’ve put together some of the top theories to see which one you think is most likely the use for this device.



1.) The Donkey Ride.  This device was similar to the Stockade.  It’s use was much the same except it was meant to punish shorter people, such as children who eat their sweets before dinner. (How can you have your pudding if you haven’t eaten your meat?) Or spent all afternoon playing XBOX1 (because it’s the dark ages) instead of doing their chores.




2.) Beheading Platform

Few will stand still and let you take their head, so this device was invited in 1420 to hold the victim steady, allowing the axe man to get the head in a single chop.





3.) The Acid Bath

In the medieval era, they knew it wasn’t enough to be tortured. The victim should be forced to watch it happen.  This device was used to force a victim to watch as acid was poured over his feet.





4.) The World’s First Vending Machine

One day, an intelligent lady noticed something about the place where she was living. It stank!

So she set out to do something about it.  However, her husband was off raiding something and she couldn’t manage her shop and make her time period a better smelling place.
She invented a device that could sell soap without her being there to manage it.



5.) Goat Milking Stand

Some archaeologists believe this device may have been used to milk goats? Crazy. Everyone knows milk comes from the store. When asked for more information to support this crazy theory, all they could say was “It certainly wasn’t used to cut off peoples heads…. I mean that’s crazy”.



Please comment on what you think this crazy medieval device was used for.




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  1. Galen says:

    Is that a prayer/kneeling bench?

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