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This Reign, I’ve had the privilege of seeing four different sets of new Barons and Baronesses take Their Baronial thrones. The Baron and Baroness are the local representative of the crown. This is one of the most important positions that can be held, and I have the greatest respect for all those who sit on a Baronial Throne.

If your SCA experience was anything like mine, They were the first set of people with coronets and a title you met.

It’s no job to be taken lightly. Sure They get a cool coronet, but They also train newbies, promote the Barony, persist our culture, advocate on behalf of Their subjects to the Crown, and countless other things. However Their job doesn’t end after practice or after an event.

The Baron and Baroness of a local group are often glue that holds everyone together. It is They who connect with each member of Their Barony on personal level to help people feel like an important part of our group. Sometimes those interactions can be more extreme than you would ever imagine.


I have learned it is common for people to call their Baron or Baroness late at night to ask for some personal favor like, to try to convince their boyfriend/girlfriend to not break up with them.

I hear it’s common for the Baron and Baroness to be asked by single people to match them up to other single SCA people. This has happened so much, I have considering making a website BaronAndBaronessMatch.com. You would take a 184 part personality test, then your landed Baron or Baroness will pair you as they see fit. “True love starts with a monarch”.

Maybe you have spent the night dipping into the cherry bounce, and 2am is still early so why not call up your Baron to make an award recommendation for your friend to become a Duke? Then ask for medical advice.

1013235_10100897303289194_1099668605_nDo you need help making a pattern so you can look awesome at an upcoming event? I bet your local noble couple can help. They probably even have a time for you to visit Their house to get “hands on” assistance.

It’s your first melee and you have no idea what is going to happen. It’s reassuring to see your Baron and/or Baroness in the front, leading the charge to battle.

Did you break your leg? I bet the Baron and Baroness came to visit while you were in the hospital.

If a local member has passed away far before his time, I’m sure the Baron and Baroness were there to hug, to cry and celebrate those no longer here with the family and everyone else present.

They find Themselves in all these situations and many more, and They work to help and to heal. It’s what They do. They the people who are on the ground doing the hard work that keeps the Kingdom together.

The Baron and Baroness will be on Their thrones for up to five years. That’s five years of always having to be “on”, of always being positive and encouraging. Five years of always being on the field, regardless of how They feel. Of being at practices and local people’s houses for meet ups, and of taking part in every other area of life with Their friends within the Barony.

The constant outpouring of energy and time builds up Their Baronies, and in turn the Kingdom.

It was Baroness Brise, at my first meeting, who made the SCA a place I wanted to be. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s local nobility made our hobby something worth returning to after I found it.

I take pride when I see all the Landed Barons and Baronesses on Their thrones near the King and Queen on the diaz. Seeing this is a reminder that all the faraway parts of our Kingdom are in good hands. The mark They leave will last long into the future, for They leave a Legacy.



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  1. Uls says:

    I love your blog. I often have had the same thoughts on the Baronial chairs. It always seemed to me that these were the true work horses of our society. A king gets lots of exposure and certainly also leaves a legacy, but here sits the Baron for another four years, sometimes long enough to see a King become a duke. And still they toil on for us.
    Thanks for taking the time to educate and entertain me with such a fun blog!

  2. Constanza de Mendoza says:

    You made me cry – thank you!

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