Langar Thurs

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11390062_494397690719885_1732053535551666005_nThe Midrealm is full of great traditions and distinguished artifacts. People have poured immeasurable life force into making truly epic items, and over time, legends have grown from them. Today I will speak of Langar Thurs.

A year ago, the not-yet Sir Alreckr selected me to be the champion of this piece of Midrealm history. I became it’s 7th holder, and I am honored keep it for a short time until it must be passed on again.

What is Langar Thurs?

It is the Oaken Spear. Langar Thurs in Norse means “Long Thorn”. It was crafted on a mighty forge using a hammer imbued by Thor himself wielded by Thorfinn Bearbrother. Thorfinn made a legendary item to be given to a champion from the Oaken region who demonstrated the greatest “fighting spirit” in battles during melee season and at War. It was presented to the Oaken command staff of Pennsic XXVIII

Why haven’t you heard of this before?

There was a period of time when the spear was lost. It fell out of sight, later out of memory. However Sir Gunnar led an expedition into the bowels of the earth and many other dark places in search of the Spear.  During this quest, many great beasts were fought and conquered until at long last the spear was recovered, saving a piece of culture and history.

Being the spear steward has meant a great deal to me,  and it’s tradition for the current champion to add his/her name to the shaft of the spear. To understand what it means to be considered to have a great fighting spirit you only need to look at the names on the shaft. What an honor to be considered enough like them. These are people I looked up to when I was learning to fight, those I turned to in melee so I might understand “what the heck is going on”, those I drank with and, on one occasion, passed out on.

The Names are:
Konrad Mailander
Nicholas of Wicklow  (now Sir Nickolas or Baron Niko)
CuMhara of Holyhead (Kope)
Hamish mor Dubh nan Cath
Taran Warpier
Magnus Refsson
Alrekr (now Sir Alrekr)


And now my name, Gebhard Rauten, has been added to the staff.

How are the Champions selected?

The recipient is chosen by the combined decision of the current Oaken command staff, the chivalry of the Oaken region and the present holder of Langar Thurs, all of whom are exempt from receiving the spear.

With any piece of history this great, it is not right for a single person to hoard it for too long. It must be passed on, for each new champion breathes new life into the legend, and with each new name the staff becomes theirs for a time to define what it means to process the greatest fighting spirit.

When the holder finds a person who inspires them, the spear is passed, and the legend begins anew.  My time has been something I will cherish, but legend is greater than me, and it must live on in the hands of a new champion. But who will that be?

Please join me on the field before the first battle at Pennsic, as I will be awarding this legendary artifact unto its new champion.

If you have been part of a tradition like this one in your area, please post below. Our traditions are what make us a Society. I would enjoy hearing your story.

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  1. You list is missing Hamish mor Dubh nan Cath the fourth to bear Langar Thurs. Niko was the second and Kope the third.

  2. Konrad Mailander says:

    Who made the sheath? That was added later, I think when it was returned after its years of being missing.

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