The Heart of the Dragon

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Jung-mie1I recently authorized rapier. As part of the Queen’s guard, I felt it was my part to protect the Queen on every list she enters. In this process, I learned rapier fighters have their own culture, legends and stories. I also learned that fencers hold the Queen very dearly and was told the story as to why. (Please note that I get hit in the head repeatedly two or more times a week, so I may have a few/a lot of details wrong.)

A long time ago, in a Kingdom far far away, there once was a King.  As he sat on his throne, he noticed a new batch of fighters starting to show up in his Kingdom.  They weren’t wearing armor nor carrying sticks of rattan. They had blunted swords and bright clothes.  He declared “I find them all hopeless thugs and thieves. They’re dangerous and too brightly dressed! I’m going to ban the fencers.”

As he was drafting the banishment scrolls (all people are presented a scroll when banned, normally featuring a monkey throwing poo), the Queen came into the room and proclaimed “You will not ban my fencers!”.

To this day, the rapier fighters considered themselves to be Queen’s men and women in repayment to the Queen who defended them so many years ago.

However, maybe for Trimaris and the Midrealm there is another reason for rapier combatants to consider themselves Queen’s men or women. This is not due to something that happened long ago, but something that happened on the list at Gulf Wars XXIII.

It was nearly the end of the rapier ravine battle.  The Midrealm was tasked with holding the middle point, and the fighting had been fierce. The point is box on a stick with levers on opposite sides, one yellow and one blue. To hold the point, a person must be left holding one lever.  Every so many minutes, the color of level that is held down collects points.

Her Majesty of the Middle, Queen Vukasin and her Dragon Army so tasked, She armed Herself with Her mighty long sword, though She held it by Her side. She stood at the point, held the lever and called encouragement and inspiration to the nearby troops defending Her and the point.

As the battle grew to a close with only a few minutes left, the marshals called a hold and announced that  “two- handed” weapons and the people holding them were being asked to leave the field for wielding an improper weapon. As She strode away from the long held point, the entire Midrealm Army turned as one and followed their Queen off the field in support.

After several minutes of confusion regarding the decision, a marshal came over to explain to the Queen of the mighty Midrealm why this decision had been made. After a reshuffling of people and equipment the the battle resumed. Vukasin, our mighty war Queen, charged Her army to return to the field and slay the enemy to the man.

Many times I have heard people in high ranking position say they worry because they are not eloquent of words and wish they knew better words with which to inspire in times of need. However, I have found that people of strong character will always have the right words when the time arises.

Her Majesty of Trimaris, Jung-Mie, stood before the united armies of Trimaris and Midrealm and called out to the assemble host, “For Her Majesty Vukasin! We are going to take the point in the middle and kill everyone of them!” “Follow me!” And as she charged into battle, I could hear Her chant “Midrealm!” The army followed Her into battle, a mighty tide upon the foes. With the last seconds winding down, Our Majesty Vukasin rejoined the front with Her Majesty of Trimaris. Together they dispatched the last of the enemy forces.

Shortly after the decisive conclusion of the battle, the army formed a ring,  His Majesty Cellach and Her Majesty Vukasin in the middle.  They called forth Queen Jung-Mie for They had seen the fire of the dragon burning in Her heart. For Courage and Valor on the field,  They gave her an award of the Dragon’s Tooth.

Rapier fighters should be proud of their Queen, not because She protected them from a tyrant King of legend, but instead because She protects them from being poked in the face while standing next to them on the line, for rallying the troops, for being the first in the charge, and the last to leave on a retreat.

If you are lucky enough to have a Queen like Jung-mie or Vukasin, you should be proud, for your Queen fights with the heart of the Dragon.



What is a Dragon’s Tooth? Find out here

Ban the Fencers! is a song written by Thomas Bordeaux you can buy/listen to here

The picture at the top was taken by:  Viscountess Elashava Bas Riva (justShava®)

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  1. Jung-Mie says:

    OMG I am crying now. 🙂 For Vukasin!

  2. Máire Ruadh says:

    Some of us are blessed to have a Queen just like Jung Mie. 😉 Vivat Midrealm! Vivat Trimaris! 🙂

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