Getting Back on the Horse

24 Dec 2016 by gebhard, 1 Comment »

I haven’t published anything in awhile, and recently, a number of people have approached me about the blog. When will I write something again?  Why aren’t I keeping up on it? That sort of thing.

Everything I’ve written since Pennsic, I think could be countered with one of these two statements, “Well, that’s easy for you to say Gebhard, you’re already knighted” or “Please, newest Knight in the kingdom, tell us how it really is.” No likes the a new kid on the block sweeping in to tell you everything you’re doing is wrong.

I’ve experienced more changes than I ever thought possible since becoming knight.

One of those many things has been the seriousness with which people take what I have to say. Unbelt Gebhard could say something in a pack of fighters like “So, do you think you should give points of honor?” and a 45 minute friendly conversation would break out debating all the ways to consider that question. Now, if Sir Gebhard asks that same question, I get stared at.  They are hesitant to respond and will mumble something like ‘ya..nooo…yeeees… noooo” while watching my facial expression to see what the “right” answer is.

Due to all of these things, I’ve been reluctant to write anything. Writing isn’t something you do to please others.  You do it because you have something inside that needs to get out. The truth is, I’ve written a number of blogs in last few months, and I still have around a hundred in draft form. What can I say? I talk a lot.

During my vigil, a number of visitors asked,  What is it you’re going to work on now? The answer is the same as always, to become the best fighter I can and to encourage others to do the same.

As I get back on the horse, we’ll start to dig into these topics again.

The New Year is upon us.  It is often a time of reflection and dedication to self improvement. There is no better place to learn than in the list.

Regardless of the color of the belt I have, I have something to learn from you. I look forward to seeing you in the list.

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  1. Trentus says:

    Please continue to share your thoughts. They were enjoyed and respected before your belt color changed.

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