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1962142_10100975806742644_1348592274221194475_oSometime ago, someone told me the SCA is no place for children, that they should be left at home, and the SCA was fun adult time, children get in the way and spoil the fun.

Someone else responded, “Maybe so, but if you have men and woman, then it won’t be very long until you have children.”

The SCA is one of the largest re-enactment organizations in the world.  I think this is because our rules are pretty abstract. We only require someone make an attempt at a period outfit to play. This allows to the SCA to be many things to many different people. To me, it’s always been something I could do with my children.

It is my goal to do what I can to make the SCA fun for everyone of all ages.

Why should you care if children have something to do at an event?

If you’re an autocrat, it’s a 25-50% boost in admission.

If you dislike children, giving them something to do keeps them out of your way.

If you have children, it allows you to share your hobby with those you care about most.

In short, having a youth program at the events you attend benefits everyone and makes for a stronger SCA.


I think the SCA by default does a pretty good job for anyone about 16 and up. When youth activities get added, they are typically for the children between 5 and 10.

I would like to us to consider what we can do for every age group. For example, what do new parents need at event? Maybe a quiet place to breastfeed? What would someone with toddlers need to make the event work? Maybe a safe room for the children to toddle and crawl around in? What is it, that tweens and teens like to do at events?

catapultMany classes taught at an event are already youth friendly.  All it would take to make them popular for young people is a mention in the schedule to get attention. Perhaps we could have a small youth or family-friendly list of things to do in the event schedule.

There have been a lot of changes in the kingdom youth policy to help make activities possible for young people. Did you know you do not need a background check to teach a youth class? You only need a background-checked person near by.

Also, there is a new auth type that allows more adults to fight youth. These adults are not youth marshals but they also don’t need a background check. This will let more armored fighters who want to work with young combatants do just that. It is also possible to be a youth marshal, without having to fight armored yourself.

I can go on for sometime about my ideas. I’m here to help facilitate your ideas, and I would love to hear them.


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  1. Edyth Miller says:

    The thing I struggle the most with is having children “too young” to do much more than observe, but “too old” to be comfortable hanging out at the day camp all day. There are rules they don’t yet understand, so they need constant supervision. But there are only so many times you can circle the list field to help keep their energy levels in check. I am also often frustrated that there are not many opportunities for the pre-school aged kids to meet each other and develop friendships. These are kids who are likely to interact their entire young lives, but we miss out on fostering those types of relationships until they’re old enough to start hitting each other on the youth list. “Youth Point” isn’t designed for these kids, so if there was a pavilion or room that was available with simple period-appropriate toys and games, where parents could take their kids for a while to meet others – play date style- that would be a welcome addition to the event landscape. They would still be accompanied by their parents, which would hopefully mean that a background-checked attendant would perhaps not be necessary. That’s my two cents at least.

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