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Damien1 What is it that makes an event work? How are they governed? What does the money they make go for? Why didn’t anyone check with me about those things?

These are all good questions to ask. I know when I joined the SCA, it seemed to me like it was a HUGE organization with vast resources and structure. I was told it was like the Boy Scouts but for adults but with a medieval theme. Somewhere after my first year, I started to see patterns in how things worked and I noticed flaws, and I had ideas that would fix all the problems.

I would talk about my ideas to people who were very willing to listen, but they always told me something along the lines of “those are good ideas, but they wouldn’t work they way you think”.

That burns. “But… there is this thing…. I’m really passionate about it…and if you could just do it my way, it would be better for everyone! Why isn’t there a centralized system to establish common norms?”

Feeling this way is completely normal, and I would even say, a good thing. I wish everyone to be truly and deeply passionate about the things they enjoy. That passion is a very good thing.

The role of Regional and Kingdom officers is not to control local groups. Instead, their job is pretty much to make sure really bad things don’t happen, like people getting hurt or the SCA being sued out of existence. (Trident-and-Net tourneys are right out.)

The good news is that whatever perceived deficiencies this approach leaves in standardization, it makes up for in creativity. The door is left wide open for you to take your passion and craft an event that is everything you wish it to be.

There are people working towards having actual re-enactment events, Dance-only events, Youth focused events, and Equestrian events. (Yes, even horses can enjoy the SCA.)

It’s important to remember the SCA is a carrot only group, there are no sticks. People work because they love what they do. Every event is countless hours of thankless work and dedication on the part of many people solely because they love this idea they had and they wanted to share it with you.

Where does the money go?

Sites cost money. Money covers the real world expenses of putting on the event. Whatever is left (if any) goes to hosting group. An exception to this is Kingdom events in which the profits are split with the Kingdom.

Why doesn’t the money go into the the I thing I want it to go towards?

It can.  The SCA provides a unique opportunity seldom found in life. That is, you can pitch an idea for what you think will make the greatest weekend on earth, and your group will give you the money to do it.

Should you ever be at an event, and say, “This would be even more awesome if we did [insert thing here],” Awesome! Put that down on paper, and bring it up your local group.

I won’t lie. It’s a lot of work. This is why having a passion for what you do is so vital. It’s the fuel that makes everything keep moving.


Picture was provided by: ©LionDove Images

The Road from Southwark

Count Damien of Calentir (picture above) had a great new idea for a event, spend 24 hours doing complete period re-enactment. This including being judge for the authenticity of your kit and gear.

Activites included: Fire starting, Harvesting firewood correctly, Setting up a camp against attackers, shooting a simulated rabbit (wooden ball) with blunted arrow, Forage for wild edibles (Cecilia is a PHD in biology and will be teaching that AND supervising) and random quests. Everything was done without a modern item in site, and a truly EPIC experience.

You can learn more about the event, The Road From Southwark at the following links. I hope I can make the next one.

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