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I always love the post event revels. I enjoy getting to talk to all my favorite people that I seldom have time talk to during the event.  Plus, I get to take nature’s cure for aching muscles and bruises after a day of getting struck in the head, BOOZE!!

At one particular revel, I was talking happily with my guest and over the noise in the room I heard this punchline “If it’s Monday and you still have your coronet on, you’re just a kid at McDonald’s wearing a Burger King crown!”

I’m not sure what the context of the joke was, but it implies that when the weekend is over, we take off our personas and go back to being clerks, doctors, librarians, rocket scientists or whatever it is that we do to make life work during the week. Hey, armor and fabric don’t buy themselves! We need to be who we really are, and not who we pretend to be, in order to make life happen.

Do those virtues that are relevant and true such as : to look out for the weak, to show courage under fire,  strength in time of need, and to be courteous at all times, stop being so just because a couple hours have ticked off on the clock or after a long car ride?

What makes the SCA more than a game is that we all work at becoming something better, not just better at what we do, but better people.

Peerages are built on the concept of “peer like qualities”, those qualities that set people above and beyond the norm, that someone must possess to become a peer of the realm.

I’m not a peer.  I can’t speak to what it means to be a peer on a daily basis. But I find it hard to believe that the qualities that would make someone a peer could be easily slipped into a box and pushed into the closet with the armor and camping gear at the end of the event day. I believe those qualities and the person who has them become one and the same.  If someone is worthy of being a knight, a laurel or a pelican on the weekends, the same is likely true on Monday and rest of the week.

At some point, each SCA member will make a personal choice that while all we do is fun, fun is not the only reason to keep going to events. In order to continue progressing, we must improve ourselves, and take the next step, the step of personal growth. Large changes start with small actions.

At the start of the Reign, His Majesty Cellach, said our goal is to “Build people up”.  It’s a good guideline for living everyday by, not just when your at events.

When you start looking at life through a different lens, one where you can see the bad, but still compliment someone on the good, it will change you.  Maybe it starts out only on the list field,  but soon it grows to the entire day. Before long, you find yourself treating your co-workers and friends with a greater level of respect and being generally more encouraging due to what you have learned playing a part on the weekends.

Seeing the positive value in others, acting with Honesty, Courtesy, Loyalty and Humility and showing Prowess to get the job done isn’t something that can be hidden away when the work week rolls around.

A person who lives by these qualities is evident everywhere he or she goes, almost as evident as wearing Burger King crown to McDonalds.

Learn More:

Becoming a Peer, Zsof’s Rules

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  1. Karen Boelter says:

    It is better to go to the event than stay home
    It is better to participate than just to observe
    It is better to contribute than only participate
    But best of all is to INSPIRE

  2. Zygmunt Nadratowski says:

    We all strive to be more Knightly than we were the day before. Your are already a peer (little p). Hopefully someday we will be KSCA. But we can always be knights. All who commit to walking that path cannot help but be changed by it.

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