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1391498_643485079005466_454909177_nThis is a day, I’ve been looking forward to (with maybe a little bit of dread) for a long time. His Majesty Cellach, (at the time Sergeant Cellach) was at fight practice the first time I came to an SCA meeting. Somewhere around the 3rd meeting, he delivered to my head, the hardest blow I had ever been struck, during a small melee.

He only held that record for about month until the not-quite-knighted Ragnar made be me black out for a second, while I was wearing the been-knighted-for-some-time Sir Nickolas’s great green bucket helm. On the plus side, I’m happy to report that whatever area of my brain that was at fault for these failings has long since stopped working and now become an excellent source of built-in padding.

I was there the first time Her Majesty attended fight practice. We were outside Royer Hall, in the dark on a concrete pathway between buildings. She wanted to learn how to use a bastard sword. I got to be her pell. I forget who taught her to throw a blow or even how I got home that night, but I do recall my ears rung for two days.

I guess that was my long winded way of saying, this day has been in my mind for a very long time. I knew it would come… long before Spring Crown. That isn’t to say if you hit me hard enough in the head, I’ll think you win crown, but I watched a excellent fighter become a extraordinary one, and excellent couple, become extraordinary couple.

I can’t decide if Majestic or Luminated would be the best single word to describe the day. I think I might have made up that second word, (recall I get hit in head the a lot). I have seen number of coronations in my time. I’ve never seen such a majestic presentation of Royalty and Their Majesties as when I first caught a glimpse of them standing before the dragon thrones.

Many people told me their eyes teared up at the sheer magnificence. The pictures do not do justice to the emotion, and to the overall presence of our King and Queen. I’m amazed by all the talented people who worked on the outfits their Majesties wore. The King and Queen are the physical embodiment of our kingdom, by only a glimpse of them you can see the magnitude of skill and artistry of our Kingdom.

I had many moments I’ll always remember. The sound of the choir singing “Tant que Viveray” in the procession. (Thank you so much to Monique Rio & Aaron Elkiss for putting that together, you guys are amazing.)

Music was off the hook, thank you to all my musicians who, in spite of my being too busy to complete a sentence, pulled it all together. I’ll have a post later thanking everyone. Recall I get hit in the head for fun, and need time to think that through. You guys were amazing.

Congratulations to Sofia ‘Zsof’ Tyzes, I’ve always looked up to her for her bardic skills. I’ll have a longer tale on that later, I’m sure I’m already over the post size anyone will read.

I was busy even by my standards of busy. I had to enlist many people into helping me spur of the moment, I can’t describe how the amazing joy I experience when random people still step in to fill a gap they didn’t know was there until moments before. I know what I’m getting into (not be confused with knowing what I’m doing) but all the people that helped me didn’t. You guys inspire me and I’m looking for ways to step up my game to your level.

Thank you to Lord Ulium ( Kenneth E. Henault Jr. ) , Big John ( John Pience ), and Ronan mac Eoganai (from Red Spears) for youth marshaling for me.

Thank you to Luther for teaching Dance in Youth Point, and Rupert for playing for dance and to Nadia (a youth herself) for teaching her Dyeing class. What better at Youth Pointe than kids and fire? As if giving kids in coronation garb acryclic paint wasn’t enough.

A Super Thank you to Lady Lucrezia deBelcoure and Lady SaraBella of TwoShires (Stephanie Bain ) for help during Court. I wanted very much to see my friends receive their awards, and you allowed me to do that by filling in, my sincerest thank you.

Genoveva von Lübeck, to whom words can’t express my gratitude for your masterful work on completing the project I could not for my beloved wife. She truly looked amazing.

There are many people whom I respect and whose company I enjoy. I would have liked nothing more than to spend hours conversing with them. My schedule did not allow me to, and I’m sorry. I hope we may catch up in the future.

The staff did an amazing job making this event run. Thank you for everything you do.

It is a great honor to be able to witness and take part in reign to come. I’m looking forward to it.

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