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catapultYouth activities only happen, because we have amazing people how are willing to put them on. People who work very hard, and put allot of their own resources in without return to provide children with something fun to do.  As rewarding as it can be, we are always in need of more help.

I’ve gotten a number of questions recently about youth activities, and the rules around them. I’m posting answers to a number of common questions.

Q. What can I do to help youth activities?

Show up. It’s really that easy. Youth activities are always in need of more adults.
If you are considering giving it a try, just show up at youth point at the next event and see how things go.

Even if you’re only there for short time, say 30 minutes, it would be a help to the host of the activities.

Q. How do I come up with a youth activity idea?

Take a second and ask….What do I enjoy doing? Whatever popped in your head, do that.
Children’s classes, that is to say ages 5-10, are just adult classes broken into smaller chunks.

If you idea needs 20 steps, you’ll need to do some pre-work to reduce the steps to 1-3 steps. Glue this, paint that. Tada! Project!

If you find value in doing it, youth will too. This is a chance for you to share something you love with an audience who would like to hear to about it. It’s a pretty easy gig.

There a lot of resources on the web. Included but not limited to:

You can also check in with any of the MOYs. All of them have experience adapting activities to varying age ranges.

Q. Do I need a background check to help with youth?

No. You do need to have someone with a background check nearby if it’s an official youth activity.

Q. If I had a youth friendly A&S class, does the instructor need a background check?

No-ish, you need to follow the 2-deep rule is followed. (Two unrelated adults must be with the child(ren) at all times unless the parent is present.) then it’s all good.

Q. Do I need to have name tags and sign in sheets?

No, however your Kingdom MOY does like to see those. It’s a good way to keep track of a number of things. I recommend them, but they are not required.

Q. Why do we need youth officers?

Youth Officers are needed for official youth functions, IE you advertised about having Youth Activities on your event web site, on facebook, the Pale or anywhere else.

Q. How do I become a Youth Officer?

I’m glad you asked. Follow this link.

The middle kingdom’s entire youth policy can be found at.

We are all in this together, and together we can make the SCA fun for all ages.

Baron Gebhard Rauten
Minister of Youth for the Kingdom of the Middle

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