Changing Seasons

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coronation4Getting used to long car rides is something everyone in the SCA is accustomed to. Often our car ride are cause for tales of valor, calamity and circumstance. The time frame for these tales are often related to “during the reign of so-and-so and so-and-so”. As the seasons change, I like to take a look back and remember.

This is the first time since I started this blog that I’ve had an opportunity to reminisce over a reign of experienced Royalty. I’ve found speaking about previous Royalty to be as difficult as buying a gift for someone who has everything they want. What do you say about such icons of our game?

Ragnvalder and Arabella broke a two year streak of first time Royals. They always seemed confident and comfortable; that’s no surprise they’ve had the job a few times.

Ragnvalder is one of the most accomplished fighters in the known world. If anyone made a top ten fighters-of-all-time list that didn’t have him on it, I would assume they hadn’t gotten around enough.

I appreciate all the time and advice I received from Him over the reign. I always recommend that all fighters fight the King when they find the opportunity, and His Grace especially so.

Her Grace, Arabella made a profound impression on me. Their last reign was before my time in the SCA, and since I’ve joined, our paths hadn’t crossed frequently. I knew very little about Her. During Their Reign She was articulate, strong, compassionate, kind, and had great wit. Her presences on the dais will be missed.

If life is just a chain of small moments strung together, the SCA is an amazing venue for creating moments worth holding onto. And so, the course of this Reign was special to me.

coronation3This year I was privileged to be chosen as a Matched Champion. Before the battle, the Queen of the East and Our Queen called each of the chosen down before them. When I was called, I knelt before them. Taking my hand, they each gave me a favor, then they gave their blessing and their expectations for the battle. It’s hard to express the mix of pride and humility, courage and anxiety I felt as I looked into the eyes of the Queens and vowed to fight with honor.

If, in period, a Queen were to encourage her troops thusly, I’m not sure those warriors would have felt any differently than I did in that moment.

This is a memory I’ll hold for a long time to come. This too is a mark of a great Reign.

As the sun rises and sets, so must the seasons turn and the Reign of Nickolai and Serena begins. I’m certain They too will leave their mark of glory within the history of the Midrealm.

Pictures provided by: Rannvæig Ørraärmr Eskilskona



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