Being a King (part 2)

20 Jan 2014 by gebhard, 1 Comment »

I write this in hope that one day, should you find yourself on the Dragon Throne, maybe these words will come to mind.

The giving of awards is one way the King and Queen may give recognition and encouragement to the body of the Kingdom, but there are many others.

I have watched Their Majesties and have taken note of a few ideas I wish to share:

Be kind to children. His Majesty once told me how He gets along with children so well.  He said He treats them with respect and never talks down to them. Interact with them as you would an adult. I think you will find many are even more mature than many adults you know.

Say something nice anytime you can. This doesn’t mean fake flattery. People work very hard on their projects and to participate. Sometimes the result may not be of the highest quality. But you can still respect the effort that went into it.  

Share a part of yourself. Their Majesties make many wonderful things to give away to people doing awesome things. How treasured is an item made by the hand of Royalty?

A re-gift is an excellent gift. In period, Nobles would often give tokens from their person. It’s amazing to see our Royalty doing the same. I have seen Their Majesties give period artifacts, and other very interesting items as gifts. While I would hold onto such precious artifacts, They find the real value in giving them away, and it shows in the impact it has on the recipient.
His Majesty has given away many token that as he says was ‘really neat’ to get when he was unbelt, and now is really neat to be able to give way.

Make Opportunities. His Majesty once told me His job is to make opportunities, and He enjoys seeing who will rise up to it. People will impress you, if you give them the opportunity.

Spread the Wealth.  Their Majesties will often include everyone in food item or gift made for them. Bounty is meant to be shared.

Find the awesome. Their Majesties are work hard to show appreciation for everything worthy of it.  Not everything awesome is done in plain site. Someone could be hiding in the back room playing the piano in a back room, cleaning up a spill, or helping to set up something. No act is too small for which one could be thanked. 

Make time to Award those in the best way. Some people are desperately afraid of being in front of groups. Their Majesties have made time to have to roadside or camp courts. So someone could be acknowledged in a way they would be comfortable with.

While there are many other things a King and Queen can do, far more than any list could contain, the most important thing is to remember that the Royalty are King and Queen of entire Kingdom, not just the parts They like best.  Every part is filled with amazing dedicated people who are worthy of recognition.


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One Comment

  1. Brannos says:

    Great post! I have seen this from many kings (we are lucky as a kingdom) but would love to see it from all them.

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