Bad Vigil Advice

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A vigil is an important part of the elevation process, and it has many customs and traditions of its own, one of which is the vigil book

This a book that sits out on a table during the vigil for visitors to write in.  They will be getting so much good advice they won’t be able to remember it all. It’s nice to help them out by leaving them a carefully worded message from you. It will give them something to look back on for years to come, even if you only write a small passage like “Keep being awesome” and your name.  Why not give them something to look back upon years down the road, and at the very least remember you stopped by. 

If you’re nervous about what to say in the vigil book, there is a tradition that might help.

It’s called bad vigil advice.  If you start at the front of the book, that’s for good advice.
If you turn the book over, and write on the backs of the pages, this is for bad advice.

Often writing about what not to do is as helpful as writing about what to do for the reason that what not to do is a lot easier to come up with.

For example, “Never spill the King’s beer, especially not on the Queen”. This is especially funny if the vigilant is known for spilling things.

Or perhaps, “The cup is a legal target, but hitting it all the time won’t make you any friends.

Remember, Peers may put their pants on one leg at a time, but the codpiece still goes in the front.

“Don’t look down in the port-a-castle when you have your coronet on”

Whatever it is you have to say, it will bring a smile on a hard day. And believe me, there will be many hard days after an elevation.

Please consider visiting people on vigil and leaving them messages as it’s a day that generally only happens for them once.

Just knowing you cared enough to stop by means a great deal. You don’t need to give advice, hugs are more than enough of a reason to visit.

Life is short.  Take the opportunities you can to tell those around you how you feel.


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  1. Rosamund says:

    OK, that was funny. And perceptive and poignant all at the same time. Thank you for the advice.

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