A Midrealmer’s Guide to Gulf Wars

17 Mar 2015 by gebhard, 7 Comments »

2015-03-16Life has gotten very busy for me recently, and trying to keep up with the ever growing list of responsibilities has left me unable to attend Gulf Wars. It was pretty easy to put on a brave face a week ago, but now as I have hugged my friends good bye, and watched the ever increasing numbers of “Gulf Wars” messages from social media, I can’t help but miss everyone and wish I was there.

A number of my friends will be attending their first Gulf Wars this year. I had hoped to be there to show them around; in my absence I’ve made this guide.

A Midrealmers Guide to Things to do at Gulf Wars.

  • Be there for opening ceremonies. It’s unlike any others you’ve seen.
  • Eat Meat on a Stick sold by Delights of Cathay. (and hopefully other vendors by now) It’s the way [insert your deity here] intended meat to be eaten. Your stomach already thanks you.
  • Fight alongside Count Damien; he’s a lot of fun to be around and has a lot of great event ideas. He’s on a short list of people I respect most in the SCA.
  • See the birds of prey, I think Gulf Wars is the only event I’ve attended with Falconry.
  • Go to the Green Dragon Inn. Preferably when Heather Dale, or Ken Theriot is in concert.
  • Attend the Meridian Rose Tourney
  • Bring a sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees or less.
  • Visit Egil and Angie’s booth during Midnight Madness. Tell them you’re from the Midrealm. They are good people, and you’ll have a good time.
  • Watch Jousting! With like horses and everything. Cheer for the Midrealm riders!
  • Be sure take some sort of shower socks…. use the concrete bathhouse not the trailers. It’s the lesser of two evils.
  • Meet up with Duchess Adrielle at the Known World Party, ask her why she carries a nautical peg. If you’re lucky you may get a quest. She’s a riot to hang out with.
  • Visit Calontir at night, ask them to teach you a song. They know a lot of them, and Calontirian singing by the fireside isn’t to be missed.
  • Take a walk around the entire campsite at night. It’s not like Pennsic; it’s very peaceful in the silver light of the moon amongst the dark blue outline of trees and the faint yellow flickers of camp fires.
  • If you’re a rapier fight, get near Countess Jung-mie.
  • Enjoy a meat on a stick.
  • Fight across the line from Northshield, they are super fun Kingdom be with or against. These are some of the highest quality fighters I meet all war, and we have a lot in common.
  • Get an Electric Slushy, put vanilla cinnamon Bailey’s in it. Share with Countess Amalie.
  • Take extra TP, and keep a supply on your person. The porta-castles run out from time to time.
  • Attend Midrealm Court. It will be unlike any other court experience you’ve ever had.
  • Meet Dr. Best
  • Middle Eastern Cooking Classes….. yum.
  • Equestrians + Alcohol = Amazing fun and something you’ll laugh about for years. (I was just chuckling to myself about “Return if found” thank you Kiltigern)
  • Keep an eye open for Mistress Ginny… if you can. (She’s a ninja. Don’t believe me? Try and find her before she finds you)
  • Get near Kari during a battle. He sings; he fights. It’s amazing. In fact, anytime Kari sings, you’ll want to be there.
  • Stick around on the battlefield after it’s over, you’ll make a lot of new friends.

Most importantly, travel safe, come home and share the hundreds of stories you’ve accumulated with all of us.

If your at home wishing you weren’t like me, please add the things you enjoy doing at Gulf Wars.


The picture is of Duke Edmund and Count Damien, both awesome and very tall. Picture Taken by Count Cellach, at Gulf Wars 2015.

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  1. Ceadda says:

    you Forgot the awesome Bakery. Master Alistar and the smell of fresh baked goods daily.

  2. Yeah, the bakery is not to be missed. Those croissants and sausage rolls….delish. Heck, I had a loaf of bread for dinner one night, so fresh I burnt my tongue. Sooooo good.

    I cannot sing enough the praises of the Calontir gumbo-fest during the rapier ravine battle. Gumbo, pecan pie and mint juleps for the masses while overlooking the battle. So completely civilized.

  3. Eleanor Deyeson says:

    An excellent story about the falcons, with photos, in the East Kingdom Gazette. I hope many people took your advice to see them at Gulf, since they met tragedy on the way home.

  4. magnus Thunderson says:

    I add lots of blankets and both your summer and winter garb as i seen snow on the ground as an early on and 80s during the week and I also see it in the 80 and snowing the day we leave and last few years was very cold and this year uncomfortably warm for some

  5. Cindy colkmire says:

    The wars between the Kingdom of Ansterreoa and the kingdom of Trimaris so don’t forget BOAT Day! It started out as Blow it out your Ass Tuesday, because opening ceremonies were not till Wedneddsy . This is a traveling drinking party on Monday . Meridian party Monday night . Wednesday is Trimarian kingdom party, all invited, check what the theme is. Thursday is Shadow guard party per your host Duke Kane of Meridies(glen abhernn might be now ) with the street party out front of their gate. Not to mention don’t spill your drink Sha-Nai fencing around the corner. The Viking Village at the end of the row is fantastic !! Volunteering anywhere is great too

  6. Heather Dale says:

    <3 thanks Gebhard! I agree heartily with all your recommendations… GW is like no other event in the world. Cheers, H

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