The Early 15th Century French Woman's Style Book

Research & Presentation by THL Edyth Miller | mka Janis Hurst

The Presentation

A PDF of the slides from my 2-hour presentation on my research and findings.

Please note that the contents of the PDF include original research. It is made available here for non-profit use only. Please keep the presentation intact as-is when you share it. It is free to share for personal or educational use.

The Master Spreadsheet

View the spreadsheet of my data on Google Sheets

Direct links to each of the manuscripts included in the research:

Of Famous Women Thebias and Achilles Comedies of Terence The Book of Good Manners The Book of the Queen
Comedies of Terence Of Famous Women Prose Lancelot Memorable Deeds and Sayings Le Decameron

The Style Book - PENDING

For now, the style book is available in the Presentation PDF (second half), but in the future, it will be available as a fancy stand-alone document which will be shared here.
To find out when that is online to view, be sure to follow Edyth on Facebook and watch for the announcement.

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