What is more fun than giving teens & adults crossbows? (SPOILER: nothing)

I admit it, I think up these ideas, and I’m really into them. I’m like, yea I always wanted to do this when I was kid! (and let’s face the SCA on the whole is part of that) But then I make the thing, and see all the ways someone could get hurt, and I start to doubt my idea. I’m thinking… “maybe coloring is the way to go. No one loses an eye coloring.”

For Mugmort Melees in a couple weeks, I have fabricated crossbow kits for participants to assemble. They are completely made of wood. They have about 15-20 lbs of pull (very light for a crossbow) and can shoot 10-15 yards. They are about 3 feet long and 3” wide. Good enough to get on the field, but not so good as to hurt someone.

I never want anyone to be hurt.

Here is a pic of the prototype.

I felt this way about the catapults at Red Dragon and those worked about pretty well.

I got a few pro tips at Spring Faire I’ll be implementing into my 2nd prototype this week.

Let me know what you think. Does this look a fun project? It’s not limited to youth, adults can make them also.

I’m kicking around the idea of running an adult class at a future event making a crossbow with a 60-120 lbs pull. The problem is those will need a bunch of metal parts, which will make them cost about 90 bucks?

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