So Many Exciting Things!

Greetings unto the Populace of Tirnewydd and the known world at large. The beautiful thing about having an extended SCA trip is that you come back with so many photos to share!! I will be uploading photos from Estrella War, Gulf Wars, Push, NOWM, Lillies and BBW all in the next few days…STAY TUNED!

Bright New Begingings!

Greetings unto the populace of the fair Marche! Do I Lady Rannveig orraamr Eskilskona send my very best regards! I hope that our dear populace has had a productive and eventful winter season. We here in North Oaken have had a lovely number of events to help pacify these short cold winter days and long [...]

Business Meeting 10-3-2012

Business Meeting Minutes Marche of Tirnewydd Thomas Worthington High School 10-3-2012 Officers in attendance: Marche Senechal Marche Exchequer Marche Chatalein Marche Chronicler Marche Marshal Marche Hearld Baronial MOM Populace Count: 19 Meeting Opened: 8:47pm General: OSU Monday Practice at the OSU Woman’s Field House is in Session. RED DRAGON UPDATE: Final staff meeting was held. Event is a go and all is running smoothly Volunteers [...]

Business Meeting Minutes 9-26-2012

Business Meeting Minutes Marche of Tirnewydd Thomas Worthington High School 9-26-2012 Officers in attendance: Marche Senechal Marche Exchequer Marche Herald Marche Chronicler Marche Marshal Baronial MOAS Baronial MOM Populace Count: 40 Meeting Opened: 8:30pm General: Apologies for Yahoo Announcements Delay- Should be fixed. PLEASE donate to the TWHS site fee fund. The TWHS site is [...]