There can be found countless feats of bravery, strength and skill to celebrate Their Majesties and the Royal Heirs. The Lyst fields teem with excitement for all ages. Beauty and talent abound in the Arts and Sciences schedule. Feasting and dancing are to be found throughout the day. Children call out with laughter and delight. Noble merchants fill the streets with color and smiling shoppers. Come join us one and all to celebrate!

Their Royal Majesties Lucien and Catarina will be holding Morning Court beginning at 10:30am.

In celebration of Their Coronation, Cellach and Vukasin will host two Invitational Tournaments:

Coronation Armored Tournament
At Our Coronation We would invite the following gentles to present themselves for an Armored Tournament in Honor of the Chivalric Virtues

King Lucien
King Yoan of Trimaris
King Nigel of Ealdormere

Duke Edmund of Hertford
Duke Brannos O’Irongardail
Duke Ullr Amaranthson
Duke EikBrandr Solgyafi

Count Alaric Le Fevre
Count Lutr Ulfskjald
Count Savaric de Pardieu

Sir Michael Au Cluin
Sir Raymond d’Anjou
Sir Logan MacCoinnich of Kintail
Sir Straum von Bairzog
Sir Alric of the Mists
Sir Gunnar Redboar
Sir Cadogan Blaydes
Sir Havard Elrick
Sir Gregoire de Lyon
Sir Boris Movila
Sir Cecil de Tueurleon

Barron Nicholas of Wicklow
Barron Jason Ironfist

Captian Sascha St. Martin
Captian Drust Mac Arilith
Captian Alrekr Eriksson
Captian Seamus MacBain
Captian Devon of Ayr

Sergeant A’kos of Roaring Wastes
Sergeant Barekr inn Silfri
Sergeant Ivan Shishov
Sergeant Gilebert le braceeur
Sergeant Cedric Adolphus
Sergeant Krisztian Von Atzinger
Sergeant Alexandrew Vladesque
Sergeant Hjorleif Ottarsson
Serjeant Eskil Haraldsson

Lord Ulfr Forkbeard
Lord Peter of Three Hills
Lord Jayson of Darkyard
Lord Thorin Eikskjald

Coronation Rapier Tournament
At Our Coronation We would invite the following gentles to present themselves for a Rapier Tournament in Honor of the Chivalric Virtues

Baron Alexander Blackram CBR

Warder Brice Calquhoun CBR
Warder Kai Tseng CBR
Warder Miguel de Santiago CBR
Warder Lucien Featherstone CBR
Dona Katherine Vivans
Warder Adam MacAoidh CBR
Warder Lorenzo di Calabria CBR
Don Aubelet Trapon
Warder Lisabetta Temperani CBR

Lady Collette de Valois
Lord Darius Lowen
Lord Mael Duin
Lady Azriel le Fey
Lord Fearghas Buchannon
Lord Rurick the Red
Lady Mirabai Sitt Al-Sirr
Lady Beryl Althea