Winter War Maneuvers

Hosted by The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt

March the 4th, 2017

It will be a day of Armored Combat, both melee and tournaments with a Italian Pie feast!

Pre-judging of A&S entries will be offered, for those wishing to learn more about how A&S judging works both as entree and as a judge.

The Middle Marches Baronial Investiture will happen during court.

Site is dry.


List is open from 9am to 8:30pm.
Free Gatorade to everyone, all day! 
Fighting all day, even after feast!
One list field always open for pick-ups.
Tournaments of all types.
Amazing Prizes
Martial Classes
Training Sessions

Basic Site Information

Site Address:

220 East Fairground Street
Marion, OH 43302

Limited day camps space.

10 Site Fee for Members.
15 for Non-members.  $30 Family cap

$5 for Italian Pie Feast. Unlimited seats

Site opens at 9am and closes at 9pm.

Lunch tavern on site, no reason to leave and miss fighting!

Fighting ALL DAY, even after feast!

One list will always be open for pick-ups

Free Gatorade all day! Endurance Formula, individually bottled.

Showers on site!

Site is DRY

Can’t eat Italian Pies?  Feel free to BYO feast food.


9am List Opens – Authorizations & Inspections
10am – Noon Unbelts Practice
11am Chiv Meeting
Victory Challenged Tournament (for those that have never won a tournament)
Noon Lunch Tavern Opens
12:30pm-1:30pm Gebhard’s Facets of the fight
Noon – 2pm 3-Man Tournament
2pm – 3pm Holmgang & Longsword Tournament & 6 foot spear tournament
(on different lists – start times may be staggered)
3pm – 3:30pm Baron’s Tournament
3:30pm-5pm Warlord Tournament
5pm-6pm Court
6pm Feast
8pm-ish Unbelt Invitational Tournament
9:30pm List Closes

Non-Martial Classes & Activities

1:00- 3:00: Being the Exchequer and What that Means (THL Kateline Eliot, MK Exchequer)
The position of exchequer can be daunting and a little confusing. This class will review the procedures for becoming an exchequer and what to do afterwards. We will review the handbook and kingdom financial policies as well as go over reports and deadlines and procedures for day to day handling of group funds. This class counts for the exchequer warranting requirements. Please bring your laptops with downloaded copies of the MK financial policies and SCA Local Exchequer handbook or printed copies of each.
10:30 – 12:30: What’s It All About? (Not as Scary as You Thought)
Never entered the Middle Kingdom A&S Faire, but wondering what it’s all about? Learn from experienced Faire participants what makes a good project to enter, how to research and document it, and what to expect when you enter.

1:00 – 3:00: Upping Your Game
Want to take your Faire entries to the next level? Join the discussion on how to improve your A&S entry with tips and pointers to improve your project and your Faire experience.

3:00 – 4:30 Pentathlon!
The Pentathlon is your chance to shine by demonstrating the breadth of your skills across 5 entries in a variety of categories. Successful past entrants will discuss how they got started and what they learned.

A&S Project Review
(All day, by appointment) Contact Masteritsa Stasi ( to schedule time with A&S vets to review your project and evaluate how the project is going and any possible improvements – before entering the Regional A&S Faire on April 1.

Crafting Circle
All day. Fighter widows, looking for company and conversation during the day? Join us in the Crafting Circle.

Martial Classes

The King’s Spear Class
King Edmund will be teaching proper use of a spear, and holding the list.
All those that participate will receive a token from the king.

How to protect spear man in melee
by Count Cellach
Cellach has earned a great amount of renown as being able to not only keep himself alive in melee but also the spear-man he’s working with. He will be teaching his tactics to make you into someone a spear will always want to fight along side with.

Facets of the fight
by Sir Gebhard Rauten
Gebhard has a small lizard brain and in order to gain any skill in combat at all, he had to break the fight apart into it’s smallest pieces and build them up into something simple and straight forward. This classes is excellent for anyone that is new or someone that has plateaued and looking for a way to break into the next level of the fight. While we will cover good core mechanics and will deliver a deadly blow with any weapon you choose.  Most class time will be split between single sword and longsword.

List of Tournaments

3-man Melee Tournament
Teams are limited to one knight per team
Double Elimination

Prize: TBA

Victory Challenged Tournament
Tournament for those that have never won a tournament nor have a kingdom fighting award.
Double Elimination

Prize: TBA

Warlord Tournament
by King Edmund

This will be a standard warlord tournament. Fighters break off and pick someone to fight, the loser joins the winners team. Then teams of two, will pair off. The losing team will join the winners team. Then team for four will par off…ect until only two large teams are left for a single large melee.
If your the leader of the winning team, you get a prize.

Prize: TBA

Unbelt Invitational Tournament
by Count Cellach

During the Day Knights will have a single token to give an unbelt this will allow them to enter the invitational tournament after feast.
The tournament will be a standard bring your best weapon form
Double Elimination
Finals are best of 3

Prize: TBA

6 Foot Spear Tournament
by Diglach Mac Cein

Sir Diglach is host a six foot spear tournament, it will be SINGLE elimination. Winner take all.

Prize: Something awesome for your consort.

Prize: TBA

Just for fun Holmgang
Sponsered by SIR Machonna of Darkriver

Double Elimination Bracket Tournament.
Required weapon form mace and buckler, winning condition 3 counted blows, buckler 18 inch diameter maximum.
There will be a prize for the winner.

Gebhard’s Longsword Tournament
Sponsered by Sir Gebhard Rauten
Double Elimination Bracket Tournament.

Prize is a rattan longsword and a Cut & Thrust Long Sword made by Castile Armory.

My wish to encourage the love of longsword throughout the kingdom and the generosity that binds us together.
One prize the winner may keep, the other the winner will award to another person.


Legitimate service animals only inside the building and the owner is expected to clean up after them.

Dogs are permitted on the grounds provided they are leashed and cleaned up after.