Meeting Notes 5/18/2017

The Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 5/18/2017      Populace Attendance:  13

                                                                                                                                                Officers in Attendance:

Ayşe Seneschal
Miles Webminister
Idon Exchequer
Andras Chataline
Acelin Rapier & Herald

 Old Business:

  1. Recruiting Strategies
    1. Business Cards: Acelin has the box- get some from her!
      1. T-shirts/sweatshirts?
      2. Patches! Lg. $15; small $?  Aangus
  • Website: Turn off commenting/ spam!
  1. First Fridays in downtown Delaware: June 2nd :  None can attend.
  1. Event Calendar 2017
    1. Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ ????
      1. Where are we going to have this event? à Past Times Park?
      2. Need a list of “pro tour” MOD/Bronze Rings to come to event.
  • Do we want to bring some in to teach at Pferd’s cost?
  • How do we get them to come? Invitations?
  • Grappling Track
  • Rapier & C&T Track
  • Training Track
  • Court: preferred to be Mead Hall with ok of any royalty.
  • Feast NEEDS to happen 30 mins after Lists close. Fighters like to eat!
  • Marco is donating a helm as a prize.
  • Marco is donating a hilt & scabbard if Pferd will buy the $195.00 blade.
  • Have TIPS on hand for sale @ gate.
  • Miz Ginny is teaching her “Care and Feeding of Fighters”
  1. List Ropes: Progress?  No design yet.
  2. Loaner Gear: updates? Have knees, elbows.  Need to make chest armor.
  3. Ironman Ohio 70.3: July 30th; set up weekend for Pennsic, follow link on FB group to sign up.
  4. Charter & Financial Policy: Still editing, will get a copy out before the next business meeting

New Business: 

Reformation Renaissance Faire:  Oct. 8th & 9th.  Demo opportunity, camping allowed.

Exchequer’s Report:  We have a bank account and checks.

  • Cash on hand: $3893.01
  • Income since 1 April: $280 from passing the hat at fight practice
  • Expenses 1 April: $250 for practice site & $64.43 for cheques and supplies.

Practice Site 2017 Costs:  $850

Practice Site 2017 (PTH): $703

Shortfall of $147

3 Choices of how to pay for fight practice:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Continue to pass the hat at Bluelimestone Park (summer fight practice) until shortfall is reached?
  3. Hold off and use potential IronMan money to fund fight practice.

Voted to continue to pass the hat, passed by a 2/3rds vote.