First Full Status Meeting Notes March 23rd, 2017

The Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 3/23/2017      Attendance:  12

Old Business:

  1. Recruiting Strategies
    1. Business Cards: Acelin has the box- get some from her!
      1. T-shirts/sweatshirts?
      2. Patches! Lg. $15; small $?  Aangus
    2. First Fridays in downtown Delaware: Tabled until June
  2. Event Calendar 2017
    1. WWM: Post Mortem
      1. What went well?
        1. Site tokens, gate, fighting!, everyone helped, pizza is awesome.
      2. What can we make better for 2018?
        1. Printed schedule by gate, signs inside building, schedule for fighting, have the site clean the floor, make a satellite troll table, hang banners to decorate the site, multi shifts on gate.
  • 199 Adults, 85 Feast.
  1. Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ ????
    1. Where are we going to have this event?
      1. School
      2. Church
    2. Need a list of “pro tour” MOD/Bronze Rings to come to event.
  • Do we want to bring some in to teach at Pferd’s cost?
  • How do we get them to come? Invitations?
  • Grappling Track
  • Rapier & C&T Track
  • Training Track
  • Court: preferred to be Mead Hall with ok of any royalty.
  • Feast NEEDS to happen 30 mins after Lists close. Fighters like to eat!
  • Marco is donating a helm as a prize.
  • Marco is donating a hilt & scabbard if Pferd will buy the $175.00 blade.
  • Have TIPS on hand for sale @ gate.
  • Miz Ginny is teaching her “Care and Feeding of Fighters”
  1. List Ropes: progress?  No, will wait until summer.
  2. Loaner Gear: updates? Have knees, elbows.  Need to make chest armor.  Geb hosting armoring day.
  3. Age of Chiv Club Updates?
  4. Ironman Ohio 70.3: July 30th; set up weekend for Pennsic;
  5. Need to write Charter and Financial Policy. Kingdomà MM à  We can only add on to what the group before us has.  Have a copy of Tirnewydd’s charter.
  6. Lazer tag is $7 for Wed night play. Maybe after Gulf Wars?

New Business: 

Acelin of the Wilds: Ironman Sign Up

Open Floor:  A&S reports due April 1st


  • Next Business Meeting will be Thursday March 2nd promptly at 7pm @ Barley Hopsters
  • Next Fight Practice: Monday Feb 27th @ 6:30pm at the church
  • Next Garb/Potluck: April 13th @ Barley Hopsters 1 S. Sandusky St, Delaware, OH 43015.