Meeting Notes 1/19/2017

The Incipient Canton of Pferdestadt Meeting Notes 1/19/2017   Attendance:  14

Old Business:

  1. Recruiting Strategies
    1. Business Cards: Acelin is cleaning up the electronic copy of the logo and investigating cost of business cards.  Vista Print has 250 for $20 + shipping
      1. T-shirts/sweatshirts?  Yes, let’s get costs.
    2. First Fridays in downtown Delaware: Tabled until April due to light.
  2. Event Calendar 2017
    1. WWM IV: A New Home: March 4th @ Marion Co. Fairgrounds
      1. Will need help with “pre-judging”, contact KMOAS and Reg MOAS. Edmund: Taken care of.
      2. Need to get website up – Miles
  • Have form that needs filled out and signed by our sponsor, MM.
  1. Pferdesdat Rapier Classic Sept 16th, 2017 @ Delaware Hayes
    1. Insurance ordered.
    2. Need a list of “pro tour” MOD/Bronze Rings to come to event.
      1. Do we want to bring some in to teach at Pferd’s cost?
      2. How do we get them to come?  Acelin:  “Stab!  They will come”.
    3. List Ropes: Progress?  No, will wait until summer.  Borrow from Tirnewydd?  Ask Marco.  Marco said yes.
    4. Loaner Gear: updates; no.
    5. Age of Chiv Club Updates; no.
    6. Ironman Ohio 70.3: July 30th; set up weekend for Pennsic;  no sign up yet, sent email requesting Run Stop #1
    7. Need to write Charter and Financial Policy. Must follow Kingdom laws, then MM laws.  i.e we can only add on to what the group before us has.
    8. Make sure to send in your Barony Poll before Feb 3rd, if you didn’t get a poll, email MM Seneschal, Mandi at

mandahlynn [at]  gmail (dot) com with your member # and your address on file at   Please CC warrenmichel98 [at] gmail (dot) com (Transitions deputy)

New Business: 

  1. Middle Marches has requested a bid for baronial champs. Do we want to do this?  Vote:  NO
  2. MM needs baronial officers: Chronicler, web minister, & archery.

Open Floor:

  • Group Burnout is real.  Do we want to take 1 week off a month?
    • Edmund:  With the amount of movies coming out, we naturally do this anyway.  Can discuss on case by case basis.
    • Geb:  maybe we can have a non-SCA activity day like laser tag?  Fantastic, please get details.
    • Looking into having an A&S afternoon at Delaware Public Library.  There is no charge for the room use.
  • 12th Night had a Meet the Candidates discussion.  Learned quite a bit about each couple.


  • Next Business Meeting will be Thursday Feb 2nd promptly at 7pm @ Barley Hopsters
  • Next Fight Practice: Monday Jan 23th @ 6:30pm at the church
  • Next Garb/Potluck: Feb 9th @ Barley Hopsters 1 S. Sandusky St, Delaware, OH 43015.

Reports Due Soon:  Rapier Feb 1st